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Mitigation of Patchogue Water Damage

6/13/2022 (Permalink)

employees removing a water damaged hardwood floor Dealing with water damage in your Patchogue home can be stressful. Contact SERVPRO for effective remediation services and help during this time.

Water Damage Mitigation Protects Patchogue Homes

Mitigation is a combination of actions our SERVPRO professionals take to regulate the movement of moisture in a household and prevent irreparable harm to the structure and its contents. Effective emergency services happen quickly, making our quick response in a crisis vital. We can mobilize fast to help with:

  • Removing standing water
  • Clearing damaged building materials
  • Content relocation
  • Disinfection cleaning

Preparedness and experience for Patchogue water damage are valuable traits in the industry, and our SERVPRO team is abundant. We understand how likely water emergencies are to the homes and businesses of the area, so we keep professionals on-call to help at all hours. Our fleet of service vehicles includes several units stocked with drying tools, extractors, cleaning products, and deodorization equipment.

The Tools of Water Mitigation

While Patchogue might only be home to around 12,000 residents, the whole of Suffolk County that we serve is much denser. The experienced professionals of our team utilize several tools reaching damaged homes to ensure that we protect what matters most to our customers. Some of the effective mitigative instruments include:

  • Extractors – Extraction devices, including pumps and vacuums, are vital in removing standing water concerns from a house or business. Any water pooling is detrimental to building materials, so water removal services are prioritized in mitigation.
  • Air Filtration – Early mitigation can also include air filtering equipment for several reasons. HEPA 500 air scrubbers can trap mold spores, reducing the likelihood of microbial development, and these units can also help reduce odors.
  • Air Movers – Between the centrifugal and axial models of air movers stocked on our service vehicles. We have hundreds of units capable of managing surface water damage concerns on building materials in a residence.
  • Dehumidifiers – Managing environmental moisture is also a critical element of even the mitigative process. We can help reduce the threatening relative humidity in the structure between desiccant and low-grain refrigerant units.

The SERVPRO Green Fleet

One of the overlooked advantages of our SERVPRO team is the Green Fleet of service vehicles stationed at our facility. These units stay stocked with mitigative and restorative equipment from our inventory, allowing professionals to mobilize production technicians faster in a disaster. The fleet also features pump trucks that run off the vehicle's engine and provide unparalleled extraction power.

Water Removal Services

Mitigation focuses first and foremost on removing standing water on the floors and within structural cavities of the affected property. Our prompt restoration response has our SERVPRO team arriving with engine-driven pumps, trash pumps, electric submersible pumps, wet vacuums, carpet wands, and weighted extractors to help with a wide range of water removal services.

Drying Water Damage

Post-mitigation introduces the wealth of our drying equipment to the household. We strategically place the air movers and dehumidifiers to regulate evaporation and environmental moisture removal.

Are Water Damage Repairs Necessary?

Because of our contractor license, we do not have customers rely on pursuing their own secondary companies to manage repairs and reconstruction necessary in a property. We can begin our damage repairs as early as the controlled demolition, often essential during mitigation, and continue through efforts like replacing and repairing the plumbing causing the disaster. No matter what building services your property needs, we can help.

When Patchogue water damage threatens your property, it is vital to get pertinent mitigation services started as soon as possible. Our SERVPRO of Patchogue team is a full-service contractor for emergency services, restoration, and reconstruction to follow. Let us help you make water emergencies "Like it never even happened." Call now at (631) 924-1801.

Patchogue Fire Damage Restoration Solutions

6/13/2022 (Permalink)

ceiling in a kitchen covered in soot damage Fire can create soot and debris in your Patchogue home. Contact team SERVPRO to clean up the fire damage effectively.

SERVPRO Helps with Fire Damage in Any Structure

The secret to any successful fire remediation and restoration process is the fast response of the technicians involved. As industry leaders, we have invested in the right equipment, vehicles, and education to ensure the fewest delays or obstacles in starting the needed mitigation work after fire disasters. Some of these actions include:

  • Soot removal
  • Surface cleaning
  • Smoke remediation
  • Deodorization
  • Water removal
  • Air filtration

Insurance plays a critical role in the Patchogue fire damage restoration and recovery process, as much of the cost of this rehabilitation of your property can get covered by the policy you hold for your residence. SERVPRO cuts out all the red tape of the damage claim approval to communicate directly with your adjuster about needed documentation, estimations, and restoration plans to get the cleanup started on your property.

Pre-Job Scoping Objectives

Job scoping is one of our SERVPRO team's initial actions to gather pertinent information about a property after a fire loss emergency. There are several objectives to this process, and the knowledge gathered helps to focus the restoration process to come. Priorities include:

  • Ruined Contents – Direct inspection shows what contents have been destroyed by migrating effects and what can still get protected through relocation and on-site cleaning efforts.
  • Estimation – Claim approval is subject to the expected cost of restoration and reconstruction, so we use gathered scoping data to create the detailed estimate necessary.
  • Restoration Plan – Scoping helps our crew chief and production management create a custom restoration strategy for the property.

Fire Damage Hazards

Much like nearly all restoration projects that our SERVPRO team undertakes, there are specific safety and structural integrity challenges to consider. Fires produce several safety hazards, few being as directly impactful as soot particles. We take early actions to regulate safety concerns, such as air filtration.

Fire Damage Mitigation

Mitigating fire loss threats involves swift and deliberate actions to protect the property and its structure. There are several focuses of this early effort, including:

  • Debris - Debris removal is a high priority of our team as it directly correlates to two of the more challenging restoration obstacles: soot concentration and malodors.
  • Water - Water is another threatening loss effect for the property. Many floors can deal with pooling and standing water concerns with high volumes of water used to extinguish a fire. We have extractors and vacuums to help control this dangerous circumstance.
  • Structure - Fires can have a devastating impact on all exposed structural elements, especially those partially or fully combusted during the blaze.

Fire Cleanup and Smoke Remediation

FSRT-Certified technicians of our SERVPRO team have multiple strategies to eliminate pressing concerns like soot and smoke residues on the surfaces of building materials and contents. Cleaning up after an extinguished fire typically requires a combination of these efforts, beginning with solvents and detergents for surface damage and continuing through more intricate abrasive methods and mechanical actions like steel wool, brushing, media blasting, and more.

Post-Fire Damage Reconstruction

South Shore residences and businesses vary considerably in age, with many historic properties making up the more than 4500 homes in Patchogue. After a structure fire, repairs and reconstruction are often necessary, especially for these older buildings less protected against the spread and destruction of the blaze. Our general contractor license helps us complete needed building services immediately following restoration.

Patchogue fire damage restoration and reconstruction involve a careful combination of experienced cleaning, needed repairs, and designated work approved by the insurance provider to return the property to preloss condition. We recognize the importance of a fast response so that you can reach our SERVPRO of Patchogue team 24/7 at (631) 924-1801.

Remediating Patchogue Mold Damage Effects

6/13/2022 (Permalink)

containment zone set up in a room with mold damage SERVPRO is Here to Help with any of your mold damage remediation needs in Patchogue. Just give us a call at (631) 924-1801.

SERVPRO Restorers Offer Fast Mold Damage Recovery

Remediation combines actions our SERVPRO professionals take to eliminate active mold development and colonies within a structure. This process includes removing active organisms, cleaning surfaces, deodorizing offensive smells, and repairing the physical damage that colonies did while spreading in the house.

Debunking Mold Myths

With the frequency and likelihood of mold damage in Patchogue homes and businesses, it is essential to understand some common misconceptions about this organism.

  • Can Mold Be Fully Removed?

Mold organisms exist naturally in nearly all environments, so anyone claiming complete mold removal from your home is not promoting honesty. Our remediation efforts target active colonies and hazardous conditions.

  • Will Mold Go Away Naturally?

Many believe mold organisms vanish on their own. Without resolving moisture and active colonies, it is unlikely that microbial threats will dissipate naturally.

  • Can DIY Mold Cleanup Work?

While there is much information for DIY remediation on the internet, this is often unsafe without knowing the organism you are dealing with and having the appropriate personal protective equipment, remediation products, and relevant experience.

Fast Response for Active Mold Damage

We work to live up to our slogan stating we are faster to disasters, making it vital to have professionals capable of moving quickly during a crisis. Rapid response to these emergencies allows us to complete specific actions that will ultimately enable the mold removal and remediation processes to be more efficient and thorough. Some of these include:

  • Containment – physical barriers prevent the movement of mold spores and create a set work area for technicians.
  • Content Management – our team quickly identifies issues with personal belongings and contents to ensure they get relocated and removed from the harmed area.
  • Structural Inspection – we carefully evaluate the condition of exposed structural elements to determine their viability and integrity. SERVPRO contractors must remove weakened materials.
  • Water Management – water and moisture are threatening presences that encourage mold growth. All remediation actions must ultimately resolve this moist environment.

Remediation Solutions for Residences

The level of mold damage to the hosting material can be one of the most critical factors to weigh, as this might ultimately determine whether an affected structural element is worth preserving and restoring. When construction elements are deemed salvageable, and it is cost-efficient to do so, we have several remediation approaches to help like:

  • Surface Cleaning
  • Abrasive Cleaning
  • Controlled Demolition

Malodor Concerns After Microbial Growth

Organisms spreading and growing in the structure create volatile conditions and offensive smells. Our priority is to neutralize these malodors to return comfortable living conditions for our customers. We have multiple deodorization equipment and products to help in this regard.

Large Loss Recovery Solutions

With hundreds of stores, shops, and offices in Patchogue alone, there are many pressing needs for a company capable of handling large loss recovery after exposure to mold organisms and moist conditions. Our team has scaled up equipment to manage larger venues and facilities.

Post-Mold Damage Repairs

An advantage to choosing our professionals for the work is our contractor license. Unlike many other companies working in the region claiming to remove mold from your property, we can remediate the damage and begin the necessary steps to replace and repair the damage the colonies have done. This starts with controlled demolition and continues through material replacement projects.

Patchogue mold damage can be more impactful to a property than many owners realize. With many triggers for moist conditions in a home, colonies can quickly meet needed requirements. Give our experienced SERVPRO of Patchogue remediators a call today to help return your property to its preloss state. We are ready 24/7 at (631) 924-1801.

Patchogue Professional Commercial Flood Damage Assistance

6/12/2022 (Permalink)

is your business emergency ready SERVPRO poster SERVPRO offers the ERP Plan to protect your business from flood or water damage. We keep Patchogue commercial sites open.

SERVPRO Handles Commercial Flood Damage Fast in Patchogue

Water damage from flooding at a Patchogue commercial property is unfortunate, but these are not uncommon. It can halt business operations and pose several risks to your property, depending on the situation. The water emergencies in a commercial building are often more extensive than in residential projects due to mechanical systems and complexities. Therefore, calling in skilled technicians to handle emergency water removal services and cleanup is best. SERVPRO is here, and We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, getting you the results you need to limit downtime and costs.

What causes commercial flood damage in Patchogue? There can be several reasons, including internal flooding, when an appliance or pipe malfunctions. Any time water collects, it can cause harm to your building structures, inventory, and more. It is crucial you know some of the risks involved in commercial flooding and why it is best to call in trained water restoration technicians (WRT).

  • Equipment and property loss – can become costly if any valuable equipment or inventory gets impacted. Custom workstations, specialized manufacturing equipment, and other contents might be challenging to replace. Additionally, there is the potential loss of essential building elements like flooring, drywall, fixtures, etc.
  • Black mold development – Addressing any mold and mildew development after a commercial water emergency is not recommended as a DIY. SERVPRO’s skilled technicians know how to safely and effectively navigate your commercial property in conjunction with water extraction and drying to address mold colonization. All surfaces get thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized, followed by special attention by our Odor Control Technician (OCT) to eliminate foul, musty odors.

Insurance assistance at your service

Handling your commercial flood insurance claim for flood damage involves a lot of paperwork. SERVPRO meticulously details all aspects of your flood restoration so that you have the appropriate documentation to ensure your business insurance claim goes as smoothly as possible. Ask us about our ERP Emergency READY Profile Plan to protect your business.

Call on our team of technicians at SERVPRO of Patchogue at (631) 924-1801, and we can mobilize our Green Fleet to assist with your commercial flood damage.

Fire and Smoke Remediation Is Necessary for Patchogue Commercial Structures

6/12/2022 (Permalink)

dealing with fire damage SERVPRO poster Proprietors in Patchogue deal with fire damage by calling SERVPRO.

Inspection and Fire Damage Restoration by SERVPRO

Testing, or scoping, a commercial business in Patchogue, is an essential part of restoring the structure and contents. Companies open to customers may continue to have burnt odors or indoor air quality issues after a fire. These issues occur by failing to recognize all the areas of harm on the premises. SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians take time to locate soot and smoke residues to ensure that they are removed before completing the commercial restoration. Our crew chiefs combine practical testing with their training on smoke behavior during the fire to ensure that we return your business to its preloss condition as quickly as possible. We aim to keep your business in business.

 Are some smoke residues invisible?

 When observing a structure that requires commercial fire and smoke restoration in Patchogue, there are likely apparent smoke residues and some less obvious. Smoke billows out from a fire source leading to extensive soiling on the surfaces closest and lighter soils on surfaces further away. Our technicians observe these more light residues by using white paper to compare and contrast areas of damage and a dry cleaning sponge, which can often make lighter smoke residues visible. These tests are an essential form of odor control for your business, ensuring that it returns to its preloss condition after the fire.

Many retail shops and offices must maintain a safe and healthy indoor air quality IAQ. This quality can be severely compromised by fire. The HVAC system must be inspected and cleaned if evidence of soot or odors is discovered within the ductwork. Our SERVPRO team has advanced equipment like whisks, negative air pressure machines, and fogging devices to eliminate pungent odors and residues from these ducts.

A business needs thorough inspection and protocols following the best practices of the IICRC to ensure that any residual stains, and odor, are brought under control before re-opening. Contact SERVPRO of Patchogue at (631) 924-1801.

SERVPRO Mitigates Selden Water Damage Scientifically

6/12/2022 (Permalink)

water removal equipment poster SERVPRO's air movers pair with dehumidifiers to mitigate water damage in Selden homes and businesses.

Using Air Currents to Swiftly Remove Water Vapor and Dry Out Your House in Selden

Feeling a cool breeze on your skin during the hottest summer days in Selden can be very refreshing. That cooling sensation comes from the evaporation of sweat. When no breeze passes over your skin, you no longer feel the coolness of evaporation taking place.

Within your Selden residence, water removal techniques use similar principles. We use air movers to create air currents, or breezes, inside your house. These steadily pull moisture off the surfaces throughout your house, wherever things have gotten damp. This excess moisture can happen because a tub overflowed, a sink dripped down through the floor and penetrated the ceiling downstairs, or a pipe broke.

The position of these air movers is just as important as the strength of the current they create. Just like if you blow directly on your arm on a hot day and it barely feels like it is cooler, pointing an air mover so that its air currents directly hit the area we want to dry does very little of what we want it to do. Instead, pointing the air movers in a position that causes the air currents to hit the damp area at an angle produces the desired effect. 

This positioning of our air movers also means that the air stays in contact with the surface longer. Pulling the water out of damp materials means moisture ends up in the air. Instead of letting it continue floating around inside your residence, SERVPRO places desiccant machines downwind of the bounced-off air. While we do not put these directly in the way, we put them in places where the air passes through at the most efficient rate.

We also use air scrubbers to remove dust and other contaminants in the air your family breathes. These machines are crucial to keeping the air clean while we work inside your home. Removing water damage sometimes means removing damaged materials. After we pull these items out (drywall, carpet, saturated furniture), our air movers can reach into areas that otherwise might remain unreachable.

Sometimes, we do not need to remove the materials. For instance, we can attach an air mover to the edge of a carpet slightly lifted off the ground and force air underneath. This process, called floating a carpet, dries the carpeting evenly and thoroughly. We must handle the carpet gently and use the clips correctly to achieve the most efficient results possible.

SERVPRO of Patchogue helps families in Coram when they need water removal services to dry out their homes or personal belongings. Call us at (631) 924-1801 when you need fast, professional service.

We Respond Immediately To Your Coram Water Damage Restoration Services

5/23/2022 (Permalink)

Soiled Carpet If you or anyone you know is experiencing a water damage emergency we are available 24/7 to help you.

Commercial Water Removal Coram – Employee Lounge Water Overflow

Many small commercial offices have an employee lounge with a fridge, perhaps a tiny stove, and a kitchen-style sink to wash and rinse dishes. When the water was left running by an employee, the sink overflowed, and water ran most of the night, covering the floor in the lounge area and nearby offices. An employee was distracted by an emergency phone call and forgot about turning the tap off.

The office manager called our SERVPRO office in Coram the next morning to help with commercial water removal. We responded immediately to help this customer. We know how important it is to keep an office open and able to respond to its customers. Any downtime can mean lost customers and lost revenue for the business.

One of the employees had shut the water off when she arrived at the office in the morning. Our team arrived to find water soaking the carpets in the lounge area, three nearby offices, and a conference room used to greet customers and hold meetings with clients. Our technicians quickly got to work using water removal equipment to remove excess water from the carpeting.

We removed all of the chairs and tables from the offices, conference room, and lounge areas. Tables and desks, along with computer systems, were removed, leaving a clear area for our team to work. After extracting water from the carpeting, large air movers were brought in to further dry the carpets and linoleum flooring in the lounge area. Warm, dry air from other office areas was blown into the affected area and exhausted out the emergency exit door at the rear of the building.

The employees were able to use the lounge area later that day. We checked all areas with moisture meters to confirm the area was completely dry. The offices and conference room were available for occupancy several days later after the carpets had dried entirely. Carpets are prone to ripple and separate from the backing when it becomes wet. The carpeting was relatively new, and the quick action by our SERVPRO team mitigated the damage to the flooring.

Call SERVPRO of Patchogue at (631) 924-1801 for 24/7 service. We serve Selden, Centereach, Farmingville, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Our Flood Damage Technicians Can Cleanup And Rebuild Your Patchogue Home

5/23/2022 (Permalink)

Illustration of a Sign for 24/7 Service SERVPRO of Patchogue stands ready 24/7 to serve the local area for mitigation of flood damage.

SERVPRO Cleanup And Rebuild From Flood Damage In Patchogue Home

Flood damage is one of the most severe events a property owner faces. Groundwater is a category three biohazard, also known as black water, should be professionally mitigated for health reasons.

SERVPRO received a call to assist a homeowner in Patchogue with the cleanup of flood damage. The water affected several rooms in the home. Along with the pungent odor, our technicians scoped the water loss areas. They found substantial damage to the structure and contents.

The homeowner had turned off the electricity in the home, so we brought our generators to get to work. Water migrates rapidly once inside a home, is absorbed into porous materials such as carpet and padding, and gets wicked into sheetrock.

Safety is a priority in any cleanup, particularly with black water sites such as this. Our technicians wore protective gear, including respirators with P100/organic vapor cartridges. As they entered, they sprayed EPA-registered disinfectants on the affected areas to limit exposure to contaminants during water remediation.

We communicated with both the homeowner and adjuster during the cleanup phase. In this case, the affected rooms required controlled demolition removal of the water-damaged sheetrock. The carpet and pads in each room required disposal, and we rolled and tied them at the curbside per city regulations. We examine the restoration potential of porous home contents affected by black water on an item-by-item basis; however, usually, they require disposal as a loss.

Once we completed the debris removal and water extraction stage, we worked on drying the structure in preparation for rebuilding. Forcing warm, dry air into the wall cavities and floor joists ensures the structure dries from the bottom up and negates mold and moisture retention issues.

After drying, our technicians clean and disinfect all remaining surfaces to get them ready for rebuilding. Our SERVPRO location offers building services. We gave the adjuster and homeowner a list of the necessary structural restorations needed to bring the home to its pre-damaged condition with seamless service from start to finish.

SERVPRO of Patchogue stands ready 24/7 to serve the local area to mitigate flood damage. Call us at (631) 924-1801 for immediate assistance with your water loss situation, whether a corner in a room or the entire home; We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Finding All the Mold Damage in Patchogue Homes

5/23/2022 (Permalink)

Magnified Mold SERVPRO gives you access to expertly trained mold remediation specialists that put vast resources and years of experience to work for you.

Surface Mold Damage Is Only Part of the Problem

Many mistakenly believe that mold development and growth are only what you can see. In truth, mold can spread wildly through a house, encompassing many materials and areas you cannot readily access. The only way to truly remediate mold growth is with a thorough inspection conducted by a licensed third party.

Mold Inspections

However, mold damage in Patchogue homes can sometimes be more apparent. While a full professional inspection is still necessary, some signs can indicate colonies without official air sampling results. Some of these include:

  • Spotting
  • Damp surfaces
  • Harsh odors

Moisture Detection 

Understanding the movement and presence of moisture throughout a structure helps narrow where mold remediation will be necessary. Sophisticated tools in our inventory allow us to discover hidden moisture caches in the building materials and structural cavities that could indicate suitable conditions for mold growth.

Controlled Demolition 

Accessing structural cavities and determining the condition of specific materials can require some degree of controlled demolition. The term controlled in this sense indicates restraint in the number of building elements removed and discarded at this phase. We only remove necessary components to access damaged areas and better regulate moist conditions.

Remediation Solutions

Discovering mold through the official mold inspection indicates to our responding remediators where removal actions and products are necessary for a house. Depending on the materials impacted and the damage location, several methods could prove effective against active organisms like surface treatments, abrasive cleaning, and sanding.

With the severity of mold development and how it can significantly impact a home or business, the discovery or suspicion of mold should spur action with property owners. As leading remediation professionals, our SERVPRO of Patchogue team can respond fast with mitigative strategies and removal solutions. Call us today at (631) 924-1801. 

How Do I Fix Water-Damaged Drywall in My Patchogue Home?

4/27/2022 (Permalink)

a torn up ceiling to reveal the water damaged within it When your home is facing drywall issues due to recent water damage, it’s time to bring the experts in. Contact SERVPRO to assess and remediate.

Our Professionals and Contractors can Work to Offer Efficient Solutions to Dry and Repair Damaged Areas of Your Home After a Water Loss

In many ways, drywall is one of the most sensitive materials in your Patchogue home after a water loss incident. While water can collect on surfaces like the flooring, many of these materials have lower permeance, so they are not as absorbent as porous materials like sheet-rock. After a water emergency, drywall can immediately begin absorbing migrating water and wicking this moisture up the surface to damage a considerable portion of the wall.

While we have qualified technicians and contractors to offer water damage repair to Patchogue home and businesses, we first must assess the spread and severity of this loss incident. To do this, we dispatch our project manager and crew chief to walk through the property and catalog damages, note pre-existing conditions, and assess the structural integrity of exposed materials like the drywall. Because these wall materials can become irreparably damaged and as little as 24 hours, it is often the most cost-effective to discard damaged materials and replace them.

What Must Happen Before Reinstalling Drywall?

Because it is often more cost-effective to reinstall drywall instead of drying this material, we must follow a specific set of steps to make the process as efficient as possible. In every scenario where reconstruction is necessary, careful and calculated controlled demolition starts the entire sequence. With drywall, it is often possible to create a dryline where moisture damage stops to protect the upper portion of the wall and reduce material costs for the replacement. Also, other vital steps must take place, including: 

  • Drying the structural cavities
  • Assessing the condition of structural framing
  • Applying antimicrobial solutions
  • Preparing the area for material installation

Whether your property needs reconstruction or not after a water loss incident, our SERVPRO of Patchogue team can help by calling (631) 924-1801.