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My Patchogue Business Is In A Flood Zone – Should I Be Worried?

9/14/2020 (Permalink)

flooding in property Contact SERVPRO of Patchogue at (631) 924-1801 for expert flood damage service.

SERVPRO Technicians Can Provide Flood Mitigation and Restore Your Patchogue Business to Pre-Loss Condition if Flooding Occurs

Storms, rain, and flooding are a rising concern in New York’s Long Island. Tornadoes and hurricanes on coastal towns are causing torrential rains inward. Most of the disaster is visible, but hidden damage is often a problem. All of this can lead to downtime for your Patchogue business until cleaning and restoration take place.

What Are Some Problems That Occur With Flooding?
When flood damage happens in Patchogue, your business is impacted in many ways. Immediate mitigation is needed to prevent secondary damage. The sooner you call SERVPRO, the sooner you are operational. Certain things can happen with flooding, including:
    •    Contaminated water impacting business content
    •    Ceilings, walls and floor and the cavities get flooded
    •    Electrical and plumbing systems damaged
    •    Secondary damage like mold and microbial concerns
    •    Water migration
    •    Structural elements impacted
    •    How SERVPRO Can Help

SERVPRO’s Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) technicians can be on the scene within hours of your call. Our crews use industrial strength equipment and advanced technology to search out hidden damage, provide flood cleanup, and restore your business.

We use moisture sensors, meters, and probes to seek out hidden moisture. Powerful water extraction methods remove floodwaters. Air movers and dehumidifiers get utilized in the correct ratio for fast drying. We restore as much as we possibly can. Specialty cleaning options can clean and restore store fixtures, content, and more. Antimicrobial and antifungals get used on all affected surfaces.

Comprehensive Flood Damage Restoration
The above is just the beginning when it comes to cleaning up flood damage to your business. We provide extensive restoration services that go above and beyond. You need your company to do a thriving business. We understand that. Our goal is to get you back in business quickly.

Contact SERVPRO of Patchogue at (631) 924-1801 for expert flood damage service. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

How Can a Homeowner Handle Leaky Pipe Water Damage to Their Patchogue Property?

9/13/2020 (Permalink)

water pooling on parquet floor in front of couch Whether water gained entry into your home through a broken pipe or a storm, contact team SERVPRO for effective water removal services.

SERVPRO Features Trained Water Damage Restoration Technicians to Address the Cleanup and Repair Your Patchogue Home Needs

Once you notice that a pipe within your Patchogue home has been leaking for a while, this is no longer a simple plumbing issue. Over time, the water exiting the pipe has been migrating into unknown areas that call for expert detection and restoration efforts. While it is nice to hope that hidden water damage just disappears, it is crucial that you have trained technicians who can follow the path of migration. SERVPRO is available to handle all of your restoration needs so that the water damage quickly becomes a thing of the past.

Water incidents in the home can become costly, so professional water damage restoration in Patchogue is exceptionally beneficial. There could be slight damage in the form of staining on your walls or ceilings, or you may have significant devastation like warped cabinetry, ruined flooring, and the onset of mold and mildew. The fact is that any excessive leaking can bring about secondary damage that can get addressed with the help of skilled restoration efforts.

Why Should I Have SERVPRO Help?

Our water restoration technicians (WRT) use powerful water extraction equipment and advanced moisture detection tools that allow us to ensure your interior is returned to preloss condition, “Like it never even happened.” We can take on any level of Patchogue water damage cleanup, including the moisture behind walls and under cabinetry in your home. Any water accumulation from a leaking pipe can bring destruction such as:

  • Rusted metals
  • Peeling or bubbling paint
  • Damaged to your drywall and baseboards
  • Overly saturated subfloor and delaminated flooring
  • Problems with your electrical framework
  • And more

We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster! Once you call SERVPRO to handle your restoration needs, we send out our Green Fleet and trained technicians within a few hours to get to work right away.

Why Should I Worry About Water Migration?

When you have leaking pipes anywhere in your home, the water coming from them migrates into dry spaces following the path of least resistance. Many porous materials in your home, such as drywall and wood, attract the water and begin to hold onto a significant amount of moisture. Water retention causes such materials to warp, swell, and eventually breakdown. There is also the potential for mold colonization if the moisture is not tackled quickly. We carefully monitor the walls and flooring in your home with the help of moisture detection tools to tell us if we are on track with our drying goals.

How Does SERVPRO Dry My Interior Faster Than My Fans?

Our skilled technicians have access to a vast assortment of equipment that helps us to find hidden moisture while also enhancing overall drying times. The attention to detail cuts back on secondary water damage under carpets, flooring, and behind walls in your home. The planning and process we put into place ensure we adjust as needed to bring relative humidity back down to normal levels. We use equipment such as:

  • Moisture Meters – Non-penetrating and penetrating moisture meters determine moisture content in different structural materials, telling our team when the structure is properly dried.
  • Moisture Sensors – Such devices determine moisture left in soft materials like carpeting and carpet padding.
  • Thermo-Hygrometers – Equipment like this measures the temperature and relative humidity in the air throughout your home.

Why Are Your Methods Better than DIY Water Cleanup?

Although a wet-dry vacuum and fans you own may help with slight water incidents, there is nothing more effective or powerful than professional-grade water removal and drying tools. Larger jobs and hidden leaks call for the assistance of IICRC-certified technicians to handle the project. If you happen to have any standing water present, we use equipment like:

  • Submersible pumps
  • Truck-mounted extractors
  • Portable pumps
  • Light-wand extractors
  • Ride-on units, also known as rovers

How Does My Interior Get Restored Back to Normal?

Wherever there is significant water damage, controlled demolition might be required. Our crew carefully removes unsalvageable materials to be replaced with all-new materials for a like-new finish. Some of the minor building services or repairs used to bring your home back to the preloss condition include:

  • Carpeting repair or replacement
  • Removal and replacement of drywall
  • Repair to your hardwood flooring or tile floors
  • Flooring replacement
  • Painting, and much more

With any water damage project, SERVPRO technicians wrap everything up to ensure your home is Certified SERVPRO Clean. We utilize a wide variety of EPA-registered cleaning agents and disinfectants that work to inhibit mold growth while ensuring your interior is not subject to musty odors. Everything is non-toxic and free of harmful chemicals so that you know that your indoor air quality and surfaces are safe for any people or pets within your household.

Call SERVPRO of Patchogue at (631) 924-1801 when you need help with professional water damage restoration. We are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day to help with your emergency service needs!

A Loose Pipe Connection Caused Water Damage in My Home. How Can I Restore the Affected Areas?

9/5/2020 (Permalink)

gutted floor in bathroom shows crawlspace When you wait too long before calling SERVPRO after discovering a water leak, the damage can escalate. Call us in Patchoque, we can help.

Contact SERVPRO Technicians in Patchogue to Perform Water Damage Restoration in Your Home.

A water leak in a confined space like a crawl space is a sign of a severe upcoming problem. The slightest amount of water in your crawl space should be investigated due to the significant consequences it may cause to your Patchogue property. However, if you engage with professional restorers within 48 hours, we can mitigate the damage.

Why should I engage with professionals that fast?

Water and moisture continue ruining a home the longer they remain in it. Therefore, it is essential to contact SERVPRO as soon as you can to perform water damage restoration in your Patchogue home. Our team can use effective water restoration techniques to prevent additional damage.

How do I know there is water damage to my property?

Do not wait until you see mold under your carpet or smell a damp odor in your property. The following subtle indications should ring a concern.

  • Increased monthly water bill
  • Switch off all your faucets and listen if there are any sounds of running water.
  • Check if your water meter is ticking over even after switching off all taps.
  • Look for any overflows in or outside your property.

The faster you repair a leak, the less damage that can occur in your property. Materials like drywall and flooring can weaken if they remain exposed to water for lengthy periods. It can be challenging to locate the source of the moisture in confined areas.

At SERVPRO, we have excellent equipment and tools that help us get access even into confined areas. We look out for structural hazards before we proceed with water damage mitigation and restoration. Our technicians can use inspection cameras (Borescopes) to check for leaks and contamination in your crawl space or other difficult to access areas.

How can you dry my home?

The drying process is essential in water damage restoration. We speed up the process by using our advanced equipment. We can use desiccant dehumidifiers to dry the area. The machine produces the driest air with low vapor pressure to increase the evaporation rate. Desiccant dehumidifiers are the most suitable drying equipment to use when the temperature in affected areas is below 60°F.

A water intrusion incident in your property can affect your family’s health and cause severe damage to your property. Contact SERVPRO of Patchogue at (631) 924-1801 to restore your residence to the preloss state. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Why Did the Grease Fire Leave a Circle of Soot on My Ceiling?

8/27/2020 (Permalink)

Greasy smoke on kitchen ceiling and cabinets following kitchen fire An unattended pan caused this kitchen fire. We have the cleaners and were able to completely restore this home.

SERVPRO Technicians have Comprehensive Training in Handling all Types of Fire Damage and Restoring Local Patchogue Properties 

When a pan with grease or oil on a stove ignites, the worst thing that can happen is for someone to attempt to put out the flames with water. The water turns into a vapor immediately and expands the fire. The result can be a soot pattern on walls and ceilings that appears to be reaching outward. In many cases, this type of smoke damage can get removed from the surfaces by using advanced techniques.  

Why Does the Kitchen Still Smell So Bad After a Grease Fire/Smoke Cleanup? 

A grease fire/smoke cleanup in your Patchogue property comes with many challenges for SERVPRO technicians. When a protein is cooking in an oil-based substance such as lard, cooking, or olive oil, and it heats to flashpoint, the now airborne protein molecules spray out onto surfaces. The result is a barely visible, very intense film that needs more than soap and water to remove. SERVPRO techs use their specialized cleaning methods to:   

  • Lift away dried smoke residues off walls and ceilings
  • Mix solvent-based cleaning agents to remove greasy protein films
  • Test surfaces before cleaning to ensure the method chosen will not mar it 

Odor control is a big part of this type of restoration service. Once the visible areas get restored, the technicians apply the needed level of scent removal. SERVPRO has the equipment to handle both embedded odors and airborne, which is an effective way to neutralize the aftermath of a grease fire completely.  

SERVPRO of Patchogue at (631) 924-1801 helps local property owners with the aftermath of grease fire/smoke cleanup. The technicians are available 247 to make the damage to the home, "Like it never even happened." 

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A Fire Has Damaged My Gas Station. Who Can Help Me to Restore It?

8/17/2020 (Permalink)

hand holding gas nozzle while pumping gas into car What should you do should fire damages your gas station? Call SERVPRO!

Call SERVPRO Technicians to Conduct Commercial Fire Restoration in Your Patchogue Gas Station

The National Fire Protection Association discloses that more than five thousand fires happen in gas stations in the United States every year. The common causes of fire in gas stations include vehicle fires, static electricity, and negligence among the staff members. If your Patchogue gas station has fire damage, call SERVPRO technicians to help restore it to its preloss condition.

Why should I hire SERVPRO instead of another restoration company?

We are the right firm to hire when it comes to commercial fire restoration at your Patchogue gas station. We have the required certifications and licenses to handle a fire loss of any size or scope appropriately.

Our experience helps us handle fire damage in a way that meets or exceeds our client’s expectations. We also use effective and innovative restoration equipment and products.

The IICRC, Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification has set strict standards for fire restoration. We follow those standards to restore commercial premises properly. We can leave your gas station in the condition it was before the fire loss occurred or even better.

What is involved in commercial fire restoration?

We can take several steps to bring things in your gas station back to normal. We understand that the longer your business remains closed, the more your revenue Is affected. Our restorers can work to mitigate fire damage and restore your business premises within a short time. Some of the activities involved in commercial fire restoration include:

  • Removing ruined components that are no longer safe, including electrical equipment and building materials.
  • Evaluating the structural framing, including support beams and subflooring, to ensure that the structure stays strong.
  • Treating for contamination and odor that smoke and soot cause.
  • Decontaminating your HVAC system and ductwork or replacing it.

We can do everything feasible to reverse the destruction from a fire until you are satisfied with the results.

Can you reconstruct my property?

A fire can cause severe destruction to walls, ceilings, and wood shelves that require extensive reconstruction work. Our technicians are competent enough to conduct reconstruction work on both the exterior and interior areas of your gas station and convenience store. We can handle all controlled demolition and emergency repairs.

Can you eradicate the smell of smoke?

Eliminating the smell of smoke is daunting. However, we can use the most effective deodorization techniques and equipment. Our SERVPRO technicians often combine several deodorization techniques to eliminate all odors. Some odors require activated oxygen, some direct spraying, and others fogging. Our deodorization technicians can use different equipment based on the odor situation.

When dealing with a fire loss, you need a company that can restore your business premises quickly. Call SERVPRO of Patchogue at (631) 924-1801 for help. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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How Should I Prepare for Water Damage Restoration in Patchogue?

8/8/2020 (Permalink)

two servpro vehicles at a house We're Faster To Any Size Disaster--Our Customers Welcome Our Rapid Water Mitigation to Rescue Their Patchogue Homes

Count on Clear Communication and Fast Professional Work from the SERVPRO Team When Water Damage Needs Restoration in Patchogue

We know our customers will experience a steep learning curve if this is the first time they confront substantial water damage at their Patchogue residence. In addition to stress caused by the broken appliance or burst plumbing is anxiety about what awaits you and your family during the restoration process. Sometimes the cure might seem more disturbing than the water loss itself. We are here to calm those fears.

What Are the Characteristics of a High-Quality Water Disaster Recovery Company?

When your home suffers water damage, restoration sourced from Patchogue experts is optimal. The best results come when the company chosen is licensed and certified, local, and committed to our community. You are assured that:

  • Crews, equipment, and products needed for the project are close by, reducing response time
  • Communication with managers and even owners of the company is easy to accomplish for questions and concerns
  • Checking company references with local business organizations, friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors is possible
  • Issues that might crop up in the future regarding the project or other losses can be discussed and managed in a straightforward manner
  • A local company is proud of its reputation and invests in training and equipment to build and improve its services for the community

What Kinds of Training and Equipment Improves Restoration Outcomes?

The SERVPRO team bases exemplary service on the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training managers and technicians mastered in preparation for your job. As an international standard-setting organization, the IICRC is in the vanguard of water damage restoration strategies, including hands-on use of the innovative equipment that efficiently manages unwanted water. Our certified employees can share with you the scientifically-based reasons for and implementation of restoration best practices.

How Do Restoration Professionals Establish a Workspace that Limits Hazards?

When we arrive, an experienced project manager completes a safety assessment. This step identifies issues that could cause injury or worse for our customers or workers. We put in place controls that shield individuals from harm during restoration, essential for the  health and well-being of you and your loved ones and our employees:

Electrical hazards

  • We wrap up and confine cords and lines that could tangle and spark
  • We turn off electricity in areas we cannot control until the water evacuates to avoid shock or electrocution

Structural hazards

  • We identify supporting structures weakened or broken because of water pressure or saturation -- adding braces to mitigate further risks or taping off the affected sections of your home.
  • We check for water collected in cavities, especially overheard or in walls, threatening collapse -- using controlled demolition techniques like punching weep holes in ceilings or making flood cuts in walls to release water and facilitate drying efforts.

Contamination issues

We categorize the water depending on what dirt, chemicals, or infectious waste mixed into the fluids -- determining what types of personal protective equipment (PPE) our crews need to wear, whether we need to construct containment work areas to limit spread, and if the extracted water will require containment and disposal as hazardous waste.

What Data Do Restoration Professionals Gather to Plan and Monitor Progress?

Project managers walk through your home, observing the damage they can see and planning strategies to discover whether and where water migrated into unseen spaces. Baseline moisture level data is vital for determining and monitoring the progress toward drying goals.

  • Job scoping to determine the extent of the water damage:
  • Visual inspection
  • Testing with moisture detectors, moisture meters, and infrared imaging for hidden and trapped water -- moisture levels of similar materials are recorded for comparison purposes.

When the Job Plan Is Complete, What Can I Expect the Restoration Technicians to Do?

We review the restoration game plan with you and make sure your insurance company is also in the loop. The signature green service vehicles open their doors, and the equipment rolls off for action.

Emergency services

  • Water pumping and extraction -- submersible pumps take care of water deeper than two inches while truck-mounted and portable extractors suction up the remaining fluids.
  • Controlled demolition to release trapped water -- data gathered earlier pinpoints places the water collected in cavities, and we cut or drill holes or remove sections of building materials to gain access to the water.
  • Cleaning and disinfection -- surfaces receive a thorough cleaning and then broadcast disinfection with EPA-registered products.
  • Structural drying -- the moisture levels graphed earlier inform our Applied Structural Drying (ASD) technicians in positioning air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers to facilitate evaporation and remove the water vapor produced for appropriate disposal.

You need an ally when water damages your home. SERVPRO of Patchogue is there every step of the way, providing exemplary restoration services while answering your questions and concerns. We answer your call to (631) 924-1801 24/7 because water does not wait.

What Should I Do if My Carpet and Furniture Gets Wet After a Flash Flood?

7/29/2020 (Permalink)

"!" Warning sign in the rain We understand the need for rapid response and restoration to minimize the loss of your property. Call us right away we are available 24/7.

For Flood Damage Repair at Your Residence in Coram Call SERVPRO.

During this time of year, it is common that a vicious rainstorm can strike the Coram area. Once the rain starts pouring at a steady rate, flash flooding can occur. If your street, driveway, and yard start to get puddles and water is flowing on them, it is always a possibility that moisture can make its way into your house.

What can you do if my floors and personal items get wet?

During flood damage restoration in Coram, our SERVPRO technicians start by trying to remove as much water as possible by extracting it while it is still a liquid. Then we can set up a combination of air movers and dehumidifiers to remove the moisture that has soaked into your building materials and contents and evaporated into the air. If there is a significant amount of water, we can move all of your contents out of your house and dry them in a separate location to speed up the drying process. If our technicians and your insurance adjuster find it necessary, we can pack up all of your items, move them to another location and unpack them to dry them out.

How do you pack up my contents to move them?

Step 1: We start by placing the packing material flat on the surface we will be packing on.

Step 2: We then lay the item we are packing into the center of the packing material.

Step 3: Next, we fold the sides of the packing material so that your items are completely covered.

Step 4: We can then place more packing material into the box if needed.

Step 5: Once the item is wrapped and there is more packing material placed in the box, we put the item into the box.

Step 6: We then place more packing material on top of the item, so it does not shift during the move.

If the inside of your house ever gets flooded after a storm, call SERVPRO of Patchogue at (631) 924-1801 any time of the day.

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Where Do I get Emergency Water Removal Service for my Flooded Coram House?

7/25/2020 (Permalink)

water damage sofa Since your house is one of your best investments, SERVPRO of Patchogue is always ready to come to your rescue.

SERVPRO Gets Rid of Water From Properties in Coram.

Have you ever experienced flooding in your entire Coram house from a burst pipe or natural floods? Water removal from a house is difficult for most people due to a lack of know-how or the necessary equipment.

Letting flood water stand for long in your house poses health risks and damage to property. As a result, you end up spending more money to bring the situation back to normal. As such, you need to hire the services of water removal professionals to mitigate the problem.

Why do you need water removal professionals for the job?

Extraction of excess water from a house needs trained personnel and special equipment. SERVPRO water removal Coram professionals are highly trained for the job. They operate around the clock to urgently respond to your water problem. Armed with all the necessary equipment, the team ensures all traces of water are removed professionally. And this is regardless of the amount of water in the house.

How do professionals remove water from a flooded house?

Once our SERVPRO experts arrive at your house, they assess the situation to come up with an action plan. If the level of water is too high, our experts have state-of-the-art submersible pumps and truck-mounted units to suction water faster. They also use infrared cameras to help detect water in inaccessible areas. The water is then vacuumed to ascertain that no traces are left.

What else can water removal professionals do after draining excess water?

After removing all visible traces of water from your house, the job is not yet complete. The floor, carpets, furniture, and other things in the house may still contain moisture. The experts use more sophisticated pieces of equipment to dry out the moisture in them.

Equipment used by our team of experts

·         Extractors
·         Dehumidifiers
·         Moisture sensors
·         Moisture meters
·         Thermo hygrometers

Are you worried about how to remove water from your flooded house in Coram?

Since your house is one of your best investments, SERVPRO of Patchogue is always ready to come to your rescue. Our professionals are on standby 24/7 to provide emergency water removal services. Call us at (631) 924-1801 for the fastest and efficient water removal.

What Allows SERVPRO to Be Faster To Any Size Disaster?

7/17/2020 (Permalink)

drying mats on a hardwood floor, green axial fan Skilled Technicians arriving in stocked Green Fleet Vehicles Offer Rapid Water Mitigation to Patchogue Properties

There are many factors working together to ensure that when water losses affect your Patchogue home, that you have qualified technicians en route to help.

While most every business has a catchy slogan or defining trademark statement, we were among the local companies that strive to meet the standards that we set in place for Patchogue homes and businesses. Saying that We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster is only valid when we deliver on this promise to our customers. To do this, we have many methods of maintaining our prompt response in the face of emergencies like water loss incidents.

Whenever water damage in Patchogue homes becomes a pressing concern, such as the migration of loss effects throughout the property, a fast response is undeniably valuable. With water losses, especially, we can mobilize technicians and equipment quickly to help these disasters from getting out of control. We can often respond to damaged properties within hours of the first notice of loss, leaving a considerable majority of the typical 48-hour window that exists in restoring water-exposed materials and contents.

What is the Green Fleet?

Our production vehicles and trailers both work to provide our team and our customers with the tools and personnel required to address loss incidents as they happen. The assortment of vehicles and equipment available to our professionals ensures that we always have the appropriate power, technicians, or extraction capabilities necessary to address standing water and migrating effects in your house. Keeping vehicles stocked with tools and products needed on water loss recovery projects can reduce the delay in rolling out from the warehouse to begin mitigation. The SERVPRO Green Fleet features many valuable aspects, including:

  • Truck-Mounted Extractors 
  • Trailered Desiccant Dehumidifiers 
  • Trailer Generators 
  • Pre-Stocked Production Vehicles 

What Are the Benefits of Staffed Emergency Lines?

Automated recordings are impersonal and cannot respond to human beings in a crisis the way that another person could. We value direct conversation during the first notice of loss to collect the right information and disperse these facts to the appropriate parties. We have technicians available 24/7 to respond to this information, so we need to collect all of the data that we can while we have you on the phone the first time. The right questions help ensure that we have the appropriate equipment, personnel, and products to address the water loss incidents in your home as promptly as possible. Our fast response hinges on the right information because ill-prepared technicians reaching your home is a waste of time. The advantages of having staffed emergency lines are:

  • Quick Information Processing 
  • Get Critical Details with the First Call 
  • Get SERVPRO Technicians Moving Fast

What Technicians Can Handle Water Losses?

Having technicians and professionals prepared to help in water loss situations means ensuring that we have the majority of our roster trained in water restoration. Education and coursework through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) can provide the right knowledge and experience in the hands of our capable professionals. In addition to the Water Restoration (WRT) certifications that many of our technicians acquire, others seek additional endorsements in this restoration niche including Applied Structural Drying (ASD), Applied Microbial Remediation (AMRT), and Commercial Drying Specialist (CDS.) The availability of qualified professionals at all hours ensures that no customer waits for effective mitigation and emergency services that our team could provide.

Can SERVPRO Perform Repairs and Demolition?

Water loss incidents do not always require repairs and reconstruction, but it can be beneficial to know when your choice in recovery professionals can address these concerns as well. With a team of in-house contractors available to dispatch along with our restoration technicians, we can address both pressing concerns and long-term reconstruction and build back requirements. Our focus on providing these services quickly after mitigation completes ensures that our customers do not wait for the efforts required to return their property to preloss condition. General contractors on our team can help in many ways, including:

  • Replacing Plumbing 
  • Repairing Fixtures 
  • Controlled Demolition 
  • Discarding Compromised Structural Elements 

There are no shortages of options when it comes to restoration teams in the area. However, few can offer the fast response and comprehensive restoration solutions that our SERVPRO of Patchogue team can. We have both experienced general contractors and certified restoration technicians to handle nearly every obstacle that could exist after a water emergency. Give us a call anytime you need us at (631) 924-1801.

How Do I Fix Water-Damaged Drywall in My Patchogue Home?

6/28/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged ceiling in need of repair Water damage can affect both the contents and structure of your home. Contact team SERVPRO to assess and remediate.

Our Professionals and Contractors can Work to Offer Efficient Solutions to Dry and Repair Damaged Areas of Your Home After a Water Loss

In many ways, drywall is one of the most sensitive materials in yourPatchogue homeafter a water loss incident. While water can collect on surfaces like the flooring, many of these materials have lower permeance, so they are not as absorbent as porous materials like sheet-rock. After a water emergency, drywall can immediately begin absorbing migrating water and wicking this moisture up the surface to damage a considerable portion of the wall.

While we have qualified technicians and contractors to offer water damage repair to Patchogue home and businesses, we first must assess the spread and severity of this loss incident. To do this, we dispatch our project manager and crew chief to walk through the property and catalog damages, note pre-existing conditions, and assess the structural integrity of exposed materials like the drywall. Because these wall materials can become irreparably damaged and as little as 24 hours, it is often the most cost-effective to discard damaged materials and replace them.

What Must Happen Before Reinstalling Drywall?

Because it is often more cost-effective to reinstall drywall instead of drying this material, we must follow a specific set of steps to make the process as efficient as possible. In every scenario where reconstruction is necessary, careful and calculated controlled demolition starts the entire sequence. With drywall, it is often possible to create a dryline where moisture damage stops to protect the upper portion of the wall and reduced material costs for the replacement. Also, other vital steps must take place, including: 

  • Drying the structural cavities
  • Assessing the condition of structural framing
  • Applying antimicrobial solutions
  • Preparing the area for material installation

Whether your property needs reconstruction or not after a water loss incident, our SERVPRO of Patchogue team can help by calling (631) 924-1801.

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