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How Do Professional Mold Removal Companies Help Patchogue Offices?

6/10/2021 (Permalink)

Heavy mold on wall and ceiling of commercial building It doesn't take long for mold to grow and overtake your business. Call SERVPRO for swift remediation.

With How Quickly Mold Organisms Spread, SERVPRO Reaches Patchogue Businesses Fast

Your office space can be heavily damaged by the presence of mold and microbial colonies. Elements like the furniture or drywall are easy targets for aggressive mold organisms finding organic matter as a host for colonies. Our SERVPRO team can help with fast action in these situations.

Containment Strategies that Keep You Going

When your business is compromised by microbial growth, mold removal companies in Patchogue focus on preventing the further spread and severity of these conditions. The most efficient strategy for this process is to install thick poly-sheeting to control the movement of spores beyond the damage zone. Secondary measures, such as air scrubbers and negative pressure machines, can also help in this effort.

Non-Offensive and Invasive Mold Removal Tactics 

With office space being shared by so many employees simultaneously, aggressive cleaning and removal methods are not always the most ideal for mold remediation. When possible, our remediation professionals must choose surface treatment solutions that keep the business going while mold removal efforts continue. Antimicrobial cleaning products and surface sanding can help in this regard, and when these measures are ineffective, we can lean on more aggressive strategies such as:

  • Controlled demolition
  • Media blasting
  • Sponge pressure cleaning

With how rapidly mold damage incidents can get out of control, you need mold removal companies to arrive quickly to help. Our SERVPRO of Patchogue team is available 24/7 and ready to implement our proven remediation strategies. Call us today at (631) 924-1801.

Patchogue Homeowners Rely on SERVPRO for Water Damage Mitigation

5/27/2021 (Permalink)

sign for ultrasonic cleaning SERVPRO dries and cleans your Patchogue house after water-damaging events--We use advanced equipment like ultrasonic cleaning

Drying and Cleaning Your Water Damaged Patchogue Home

With the many ways that water damage incidents can occur in your Patchogue home, it might not always be easy to identify the source or the severity of the situation. While many homeowners believe that they can address damages like these on their own, many fail to realize the full extent of the problem or lack the specialized equipment necessary to manage it completely. Our professionals have advanced recovery tools and mitigation equipment to get working on returning your property to preloss condition as soon as we arrive at your damaged residence.

With the many layers of water damage in Patchogue that could exist beginning with the incident source, you need to understand the full extent of the damage as quickly as possible. The job is not completed once the visible water has been removed. Our SERVPRO technicians can identify these moisture pockets and have the specialized equipment to address drying exposed elements and materials thoroughly.

Drying is one of the most critical elements of water damage recovery, and our SERVPRO professionals can work to address these concerns quickly. We install our high-velocity air movers and dehumidifiers when we recognize the most substantially affected areas of the house. With the efficiency of these systems and our large number of units, we can work to quickly remove all excess moisture and saturation from broad areas in a short period.

Cleaning is a vital component of returning a property to its original condition. While much of the work that we do hinges on preserving and protecting installed construction materials, these surfaces, flooring, and others affected portions of your property require advanced cleaning techniques to look their best after an incident. Our IICRC-Certified technicians can arrive with carpet and upholstery cleaning equipment, as well as OSHA-approved cleaning agents and equipment to begin restoring the look and function of your home once mitigation steps have been completed. Our ultrasonic cleaning system, utilizing full tank immersion, can safely clean fragile possessions.

While there are many steps to restoring your home after any water damage incident, it is often not something that a homeowner can do independently. Our SERVPRO of Patchogue rapid response team has the experience and the equipment to make water damage effects “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call anytime at (631) 924-1801.

After Fire Damage, How Can You Restore Your Home to Its Pre-Fire Condition?

5/21/2021 (Permalink)

Cabinets and microwave melted and burned from fire damage Count on SERVPRO when a fire damages your home.

You Need to Contact the Right Patchogue Mitigation and Restoration Service 

There are numerous fire damage mitigation and restoration services in Patchogue, but not all of them are created equal.  This disparity is apparent when examining the differences in their qualities, competencies, and service offerings.  Quality services, like SERVPRO, do various things for you, including:

  • Mitigation
  • Structural Cleaning
  • Cleaning of Personal Property
  • Restoration of Specialty Items
  • Reconstruction of Destroyed Components

Mitigation involves taking measures to protect your home from further damage.  Structural and personal property cleaning refers to the removal of smoke residues, as well as the deodorization of your home and its contents.  Restoration and reconstruction, of course, involve actions taken to return your property to its pre-fire condition.

What Makes SERVPRO a Good Choice for Fire Damage Mitigation and Restoration?

When accidents happen or disaster strikes, you need fast assistance that you can rely on.  Many Patchogue fire damage operations simply do not have the right experience for all of your mitigation and restoration needs.  Also, these and other businesses may not be available and ready to do the job at a moment’s notice.  Service providers like SERVPRO are exceptional because they are:

  • Locally owned and operated
  • Strategically placed for fast arrival to most Patchogue area locations
  • Often available at a moment’s notice, twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Trained and experienced in restoring fire and smoke-damaged structures, cleaning fabric and upholstery, and odor control  
  • We save you time and money by first trying to restore your property, rather than simply replacing it

How Do We Handle Your Fire-Related Issues in Patchogue?

Fire damage can result from any of a number of causes, but SERVPRO is capable of effectively handling the results of most of them.  Whether your issues result from cooking fires, accidents with cigarettes, or other disasters, we are here to help.  Our technicians in Patchogue have, in the past, successfully cleaned and restored:

  • Floors, walls,  and ceilings
  • HVAC systems
  • Attics
  • Household fixtures
  • Personal property items

We use numerous advanced cleaning and restoration techniques to deal with fire damage.  Our workers first determine what areas and materials are involved, if damaged walls and ceilings need repainting, and how they should clean everything.  SERVPRO proceeds very methodically to ensure that work is done correctly and additional property damage is not done.  Some of the methods we use to return your home to its pre-fire condition are:

  • Wet cleaning to remove oil-based residues and those that are dry from metal, painted, and wooden surfaces
  • Residues that are not grease-based are cleaned with dry cleaning sponges
  • We use the innovative peroxide active cleaning technique when dealing with heavy soiling on fragile surfaces, like blown, coated, or textured ceilings
  • Our technicians methodically clean surfaces to limit or prevent streaking
  • We vacuum all accessible HVAC surfaces, wash all accessible interior areas of the system with a general-purpose detergent, and seal and deodorize your ducts with ultra-low volume foggers
  • SERVPRO employs wet and dry methods to clean attics and varied content items
  • Our workers clean windows and glass with a low-alkaline glass cleaner

What are the Results of Fire Damage Mitigation and Restoration?

Obviously, following a devastating fire, you want your life to return to normal as quickly as possible.  Services like ours attempt to help you do that by acting fast, reducing recovery times, and limiting expenses.  Our Patchogue technicians usually arrive at your home within four hours of your initial phone call.  These workers expertly evaluate your particular situation and determine how they can most effectively handle the fire damage.  All affected areas are properly inspected, their materials assessed, and a treatment plan is devised for handling your home’s particular problems.   

Instead of just replacing affected structural elements and possessions, we first attempt to repair them.  This repair focus, of course, reduces overall costs and service completion times.  Workers skillfully clean and seal HVAC systems to ensure that harmful airborne contaminants are eliminated or minimized.  Impacted ceilings, walls, and other surfaces are deodorized and sealed so that unpleasant smells are done away with.  Often, after we finish working on a home, residents and guests are not able to notice that fire damage ever occurred.  Ultimately, we restore homeowners’ peace of mind following a destructive fire event.     

House fires are always an unpredictable, traumatic experience.  In the aftermath of such an event, you are likely to be upset, confused, and do not know what to do.  These are all normal responses to a destructive house fire.  With all that said, though, rest assured that there are services that can help you overcome fire damage.  If a fire ever impacts you, contact SERVPRO of Patchogue at (631) 924-1801 for assistance.

How to Tackle Flood Damage in Your Patchogue Home the Right Way

5/19/2021 (Permalink)

flooding in basement When flooding attacks your finished basement or crawlspace home in Patchogue--Call SERVPRO for swift flood water damage removal

Restoring Patchogue Properties Flooded by the Rise of Swan River

Swan River is a staple of the landscape and even some of the economic backbone of the Greater Patchogue area. Much like any other body of water, though, substantial rainfall over a prolonged period can cause water levels to rise to dangerous heights. When the water levels crest after a few days of collecting runoff from natural paths and the sanitary sewers, homes along the banks of Swan River become at risk for rising waters and flooding in their basements and main floors. Preventing this intrusion might not be possible, but restoring the property afterward can be more efficient and effective with the acquisition of our experienced professionals.

We know how devastating flood damage can be to Patchogue homes with the river levels rise to severe levels. Even if many of these homes only experience flooding of their basements, this can still be a costly and widespread damaging event that requires immediate attention from trained IICRC-Certified Water Restoration Technicians like our SERVPRO team. With readiness for all emergencies that threaten our region, our experienced team remains prepared for natural disasters that could occur.

Basements are targets for flooding

While many homes have taken preventative measures to avoid catastrophic water intrusions along the Swan River, these solutions are rarely entirely effective. With many modern homes throughout the region constructed with finished basements, our SERVPRO professionals must react quickly to provide effective mitigation services to prevent the spread of these effects to new areas. Our technicians implement controlled demolition techniques to remove damaged materials.

With the potential for chemical and bacterial contamination of rising floodwaters, the cleaning done by our technicians in your home plays a vital role in preventing the presence of hazardous contaminants and germs.

While you cannot predict when rainfall has occurred steadily and heavily enough to allow for dangerous cresting of Swan River, but when this happens, you can count on SERVPRO of Patchogue to help you through the restoration of your damaged property. Give us a call anytime that you need us at (631) 924-1801.

When Water Damage Affects Your Coram Home—Call SERVPRO

5/11/2021 (Permalink)

two servpro vehicles parked at house SERVPRO Green Fleet at the Water Damaged Home in Coram--We're Faster To Any Size Disaster

SERVPRO Offers Water Removal Services for Coram Area Properties

Coram homeowners can experience a variety of damaging water events to their homes. Some are of external nature, like storms, rising tidal surges, and driving rain that breaches a roof or window.

Water damage to Coram homes typically occurs from an internal breakdown of an appliance or infrastructure failure. SERVPRO understands that most damage restoration is not large spills, and with a swift arrival and cleanup, the water damage mitigation is successful. That is why our slogan--We're Faster To Any Size Disaster--is much more than just a tagline. However, when large volumes of clean water flow unabated within a home, the skills and equipment of SERVPRO technicians are needed the most.

Emergency Services Water Damage

  • Burst pipes
  • Ceiling leaks
  • Basement flooding cleanup

Our Coram customers can expect a speedy assessment and scope of the water damage--whether a broken drain hose from a washing machine or a split PEX line running through the attic crawl space. We inspect and promise our 1-4-8 culture of responding to your call for assistance within one hour, arrive to inspect, and upon approval, begin the water removal within 4 hours, and provide a written estimate within 8 hours. A complicated water emergency means that we can also work with you and your insurance adjuster to simplify the claims paperwork and establish a budget and schedule timelines for completion.

Contact SERVPRO of Patchogue to restore your water damaged property to its preloss condition, “Like it never even happened.” (631) 924-1804

Why Does Mold Keep Returning in Patchogue Homes?

4/26/2021 (Permalink)

mold growing on ceiling and walls, white Have a mold infestation on a wall and ceiling in your Patchogue home? Let SERVPRO provide mold remediation

Use SERVPRO of Patchogue for Mold Remediation that Addresses the Underlying Cause of Microbial Infestation

Cleaning away mold with household items like vinegar or bleach is only a short-term solution, which often is doomed from the outset. Since moisture promotes and sustains mold growth in a property, it is essential to address the underlying issues causing fungal infestation. SERVPRO can help residents with:

  • Mold removal
  • Mold remediation
  • Black mold recovery

The goal of mold remediation in your Patchogue home is to address these underlying causes and, by doing so, prevent mold colonies from returning. According to the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH), rapid drying and disposal of contaminated materials are the primary remediation methods. Chemical cleaners should only be applied in combination with the above methods.

  • Fast-drying can be achieved using desiccant dehumidifiers in combination with rapid-air movers.
  • Our technicians can demolish and safely dispose of contaminated materials in the home to limit infestation.
  • Phenolics, Chlorines, and Quaternary Compounds are some of the chemical agents used in combination with drying methods.

Prevent mold returning by using professional services. Contact SERVPRO of Patchogue at (631) 924-1801.

Can Flood Damage in Patchogue Cause Exponential Harm to a Property?

4/15/2021 (Permalink)

servpro trucks parked at site The SERVPRO Green Fleet, Faster To Any Size Disaster, mitigates storm damage to Patchogue properties

Without the Correct Intervention and Mitigation Strategy Flood Damage Could Permanently Damage Your Home.

Patchogue is a hamlet in Suffolk County, Long Island. Like many places in this part of New York State, the region comprises a collection of villages that offers diverse accents and backgrounds. Patchogue, specifically, is on the southern shores of Long Island and connects with the Great South Bay. It offers the famous white sands of Long Island's most sought-after beaches as a tourist destination. There are also several walking trails and winery tours to book a weekend trip away from the big cities. As a part of the New York Metropolitan area, Patchogue has a reputation as an affluent bedroom community. Private cars run regularly from New York's JFK international airport while the village itself is full of charm. Renting a car to explore Long Island is highly recommended, with the nearby Gold Coast mansions a particular highlight.

A drive along the coast

A short drive up the East Coast from Patchogue is the Hamptons, an area well-known for its celebrity sightings, elegant private dining, and yacht clubs. The LongHouse Reserve features stunning sculptures from some of America's eminent artists and stretches out across 16 acres. Art galleries are in high supply in Patchogue, with the Pollock-Krasner House and the home sweet home Museum running rotating exhibitions of some fantastic private collections. Still, the center of Patchogue, and wider Suffolk County, revolve around its sunlit beaches. There are over ten different sand beaches to enjoy with a tranquil promenade for romantic evening walks. The nearby mariner offers boating trips out across the Long Island sound and provides beautiful views of the bay.

Fire Island is the premiere beach on Long Island. The white sands stretch out with views across the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Great South Bay on the other. The beach is cleaned and maintained by local authorities but can get busy during the warmer summer months.

The jewel of Patchogue's downtown neighborhood is the Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts. Inside are 1,200 seats with an ornamentally crafted interior and excellent acoustics. The theatre plays a medley of live music, classical, and performing arts throughout the year.

Long Island is at its heart a winemaking region. Tours across the dozen wineries in Suffolk County are well worth the admission fee, with minicabs leaving from downtown Main Street each day. Sampling sessions typically include guided tours and dining.

SERVPRO Returns your Home to its Pre-loss Condition Following Flood Damage Restoration

The repair, mitigation, and restoration of property use a lot of equipment. There may also be significant debris removal occurring on the site and drying equipment that must run over several days to a few weeks.

SERVPRO technicians offer:

If you are remaining on the property, it can be frustrating to be surrounded by equipment or debris.

SERVPRO technicians perform a final cleanup of the property

  • remove any chemical cleaning agents, and pack non-salvageable materials onto our trucks for disposal at a warehouse. We return daily to monitor the drying process and double-check equipment functions.
  • We tape down all wiring to avoid slip and trip hazards for inhabitants of the property.
  • Equipment is positioned safely and securely for overnight usage.
  • When we leave a worksite, we make sure it is spotless before packing up our trucks.

Flood restoration can be a gruelling experience. Contact SERVPRO of Patchogue for flood damage restoration at (631) 924-1801 to ease the burden.

What Parts of a Property Are Affected by Water Intrusion in Patchogue?

4/15/2021 (Permalink)

scrubbing material lounge chair After water damages your upholstered favorite chair in your Patchogue home, call SERVPRO for professional water damage restoration

Water Restoration by SERVPRO of Patchogue Covers Both Belongings and Structural Repairs

When water contacts draperies or upholstery in the home, it can lead to further damage. Some of the additional damages that can be associated with water intrusion are dye bleeding, which can spread from one material to others in the home; a wet upholstery can bleed into carpets causing further staining.

SERVPRO Helps Residents with:

  • Water clean up
  • Sewage cleanup
  • Water damage remediation

Prepping a room correctly before water restoration in your Patchogue home can be important when aiming to mitigate loss. Most cleaning and drying machinery create ventilation or add moisture. Masking wooden furnishings or covering decking before introducing chemical solvents can prevent damages from spreading from one area to another.

  • Poly drop cloths are placed on adjacent materials to avoid inadvertently dripping solvents or dirty water.
  • Wooden furniture legs are wrapped in absorbent paper to prevent bleeding from fabrics affected by stained wood.
  • Upholstery cleaning machines are stationed on top of the protective cloth to avoid solvent dripping or spraying onto unaffected areas.

Prepping a workspace is essential to effective restoration. Contact SERVPRO of Patchogue for water restoration at (631) 924-1801.

Water Mitigation Services for Companies in Patchogue

3/22/2021 (Permalink)

chemical reaction smoke Companies that deal with chemicals have to be careful. SERVPRO has IICRC certified techs for all the water restoration services needed for you.

Do water leaks at industrial companies pose safety risks during water mitigation in Patchogue?

The potential for chemicals mixing with water from a leak in Patchogue companies with warehouses, manufacturing, or processing plants is high. Leaking water can dissolve various chemical substances, which can irritate the skin and harm respiratory systems.

SERVPRO technicians have encountered many situations while providing water mitigation services to companies in Patchogue. We advise our employees and our customers that they should follow one rule of thumb. After a water leak, if the work environment is unpleasant or causes dizziness, wear a respirator, and protect all skin surfaces.

The following safety gear may be necessary for these situations:

  • Splash goggles
  • Chemical resistant gloves
  • Respirators if vapors from organic materials, solvents, or hydrocarbons are encountered
  • Full protective bodysuits

Most water mitigation activities do not require this level of protection. However, various chemicals mixing with water can cause toxic vapors that are harmful to humans and animals. We assess every safety hazard and take the necessary precautions to protect our customers and our employees.

Contact SERVPRO of Patchogue for water mitigation services in Patchogue and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (631) 924-1801.

Fire Restoration of Appliances in Selden

3/15/2021 (Permalink)

microwave caught fire A fire in a home is very scary. No need to worry about the fire restoration part. SERVPRO has you covered.

Does the power need to be disconnected from major appliances during fire restoration in Selden?

After a fire, even a small one, soot must be removed from all surfaces and all appliances' operation verified. Kitchen fires can deposit soot residue on all surfaces and even inside some appliances. Can refrigerators and freezers be cleaned with the power still on?

SERVPRO takes every safety precaution during fire restoration in homes in Selden. Major appliances should be disconnected before cleaning and moved to allow full access to all surfaces for cleaning. Reconnect kitchen devices once external cleaning is completed unless it is unsafe to do so.

There are several other considerations that the SERVPRO fire restoration team takes into account when cleaning appliances that contain food items:

Contact SERVPRO of Patchogue for fire restoration services in Selden and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (631) 924-1801.