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What Does It Take To Eliminate Odor During Fire Restoration of a Patchogue Home?

9/17/2021 (Permalink)

propane tank fire Fires cause major issues for you and your home. SERVPRO has the manpower and experience for any size fire disaster. Fire damage restoration services.

SERVPRO Splits Odor Management into Three Stages during House Fire Clean Up

Several issues, including strong odors, characterize the outcome of a fire incident. Cleaning the affected Patchogue house and removing most charred materials dissipates a portion of the smells. However, comprehensive deodorization is necessary to restore normalcy. 

Similar to the other fire restoration processes in Patchogue homes, deodorization is not a single process. Various odor sources may require addressing in different ways. Otherwise, traces of unpleasant odors might remain. SERVPRO takes the restoration process a notch higher by dividing it into different stages.

Grouping the odor management processes help ease:

Many people consider deodorization a finishing process during the restoration of fire-damaged homes. However, it is possible to kick start it while beginning the other fire restoration processes. One advantage of an early start is the possibility of eliminating odors immediately after finishing cleanup. 

Our SERVPRO teams can use containment approaches or even molecule neutralization at the early stages. An example of containment is spraying a chemical deodorizer into odor-causing materials to contain or block odor molecules that might otherwise vaporize into the air. For neutralization, our technicians can set up a hydroxyl or ozone generator which produces unstable oxygen molecules that combine with malodors, offsetting them.

The three stages of deodorization by SERVPRO are, therefore:

  • Chemical containment
  • Vapor odor control
  • Fogging

SERVPRO of Patchogue uses advanced fire restoration resources to deal with any problem, “Like it never even happened.” Call us at (631) 924-1801 whenever you need assistance.

How SERVPRO Restorers Monitor the Water Damage Restoration to your Coram Home?

8/25/2021 (Permalink)

water on floor; personal belongings scattered on floor Water loss events can damage personal belongings. SERVPRO is trained for complete water damage restoration.

Water Damage Restoration of Your Coram Home Happens Fast With SERVPRO

Successful water damage restoration of your Coram home needs meticulous planning andcareful execution of the plan. SERVPRO technicians use some of the most advanced tools to track the progress of the restoration process.

SERVPRO techs perform daily monitoring of the water damage restoration of your Coram home to determine the effectiveness of the restoration strategy. Some of the tasks they can perform include:

  • Identify and document atmospheric readings.
  • Determine the efficacy of various equipment, including dehumidifiers and air movers
  • Determine the effectiveness of the drying process and judge whether drying goals are met
  • Make adjustments to the measures taken according to the need
  • Brief you, the homeowner, about the progress and any adjustments made

How do SERVPRO Techs Determine the Effectiveness of the Drying Process During Water Cleanup from Coram Homes?

Different components of your Coram home dry at different rates during water damage restoration. SERVPRO techs determine the effectiveness of the drying strategy by concluding whether wet materials are losing water and making progress toward predetermined drying goals. We use monitoring equipment such as thermo-hygrometers and infrared cameras to monitor the moisture content of various surfaces.

Although the drying times of different water-damaged materials in your home can significantly vary due to multiple factors, SERVPRO techs generally follow tentative timepoints as a reference. For instance, Carpets, drywall, fiberglass insulation shows progress within 24 hours, while concrete subfloor and hardwood flooring might take significantly longer.

Call SERVPRO of Patchogue at (631) 924-1801; our experts are available 24/7.

How is SERVPRO Helping Patchogue Business Owners after Fire Damage to Their Establishments?

8/18/2021 (Permalink)

heavy smoke and soot on ceiling and wall SERVPRO knows how to remove the smoke and soot damage from your business. Call us today for complete fire damage remediation.

SERVPRO Offers a Fast Fire Damage Restoration Service that Patchogue Businesses can Trust 

A fire breaking out at your place of business can leave the property heavily damaged and covered with soot and debris. Hiring professional restorers from SERVPRO can prevent the fire damage to your Patchogue property from becoming a total disaster.  

SERVPRO's highly trained and IICRC certified experts have experience handling various aspects of fire damage at your Patchogue commercial space, including odor, and combating the odor after fire damage is a significant part of the restoration process. SERVPRO technicians use several equipment and techniques to deal with both real and imaginary odors in your fire-damaged property.

Odor Fighting Strategies that SERVPRO Techs Use During Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration and Cleanup in Patchogue

Every fire incidence is unique, and no one solution magically works in all situations to combat odors in your fire-damaged Patchogue property. SERVPRO technicians employ different strategies to combat odor depending on whether the smoke damage is light, moderate, or heavy.

If the smoke damage is light, cleaning the residue and ventilating the area can eliminate most odors. SERVPRO techs use wet fogging to combat any remaining odors in such situations. In case of moderate damage, the smoke residues can be present on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Odor problems are greater when a fire burns for a longer time or when an increased number of materials burn. SERVPRO restorers use Ultra Low Volume (ULV) foggers to combat such odors. In case of heavy damage, equipment such as thermal foggers, air scrubbers, and ozone generators can get the job done.

Call SERVPRO of Patchogue at (631) 924-1801 with any questions. We are available 24/7.  

Professional Mold Removal Companies Like SERVPRO can Save Patchogue Business from Long-Term Damage

8/11/2021 (Permalink)

mold growing on wall, window sill, and ceiling around window Mold growth is off-putting for customers and employees alike. SERVPRO's trained techs are just a call away to safely remove mold from your business.

SERVPRO is One of the Most Trusted Mold Removal Companies Helping Patchogue Businesses

Mold growth at your place of business can not only drive potential customers away, but mold can also cause health effects to your staff. Hiring one of the reputed mold removal companies like SERVPRO of Patchogue can help you get this problem under control in no time.  

What makes SERVPRO stand out among other mold removal companies in Patchogue is our commitment to quality service and attention to detail. Our IICRC certified mold specialists have years of experience in mold inspections, remediations, and removal from commercial properties in Patchogue. The first and possibly most important thing that professionals do once they identify a mold problem on your property is establishing a containment zone.

How SERVPRO Techs Establish Containment Zones During Mold Remediation in Patchogue Properties

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) describes two types of containment in its mold remediation guidelines:

  • Limited – used for areas between 10 and 100 square feet
  • Full- used for rooms over 100 square feet

SERVPRO techs establish limited containment consisting of a single layer of 6-mil fire-retardant polyethylene sheeting, enclosing the mold-contaminated area. All the air supply vents, pipes, and doors are closed by the plastic sheeting as well.

A full containment requires two layers of 6-mil polyethylene sheeting. SERVPRO techs might also establish a decontamination chamber, called an air-lock, to regulate the entry and exit of personnel and equipment from the contaminated area.

SERVPRO techs always wear personal protective equipment (PPE) kits fitted with respirators approved by National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

Call SERVPRO of Patchogue at (631) 924-1801 for 24/7 assistance.  

What Is The Best Way To Drain A Basement When Addressing Flood Damage In Patchogue?

7/29/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician consulting with customer When a storm hits home, call the professionals at SERVPRO. Our IICRC certified techs are ready for any size storm damaged job.

SERVPRO Helps Pump Out Basements as Part of Our Water Removal Services

If the flooding in your home also includes an inundated basement, it might delay your plans to resolve the flood damage loss. Elevating water from the basement can prove an insurmountable challenge, especially if mixed with sewage or if the basement is full of junk.

The flood damage in Patchogue basements may require several steps to resolve completely. After removing the water, you might need to shovel out mud or silt, teardown surface materials such as carpets, and dry the concrete substrate. Disinfecting the area helps finish the process. Our SERVPRO technicians can help ease these processes while handling water extraction for you. 

It is Easier Because we Offer Several Other Services Apart From Water Removal, Including:

  • Biohazard remediation
  • Sewage cleanup
  • Rodent clean up services
  • Basement flooding cleanup

Using high-pressure pumps easily overcomes the high head requirement when removing water from the basement. Our SERVPRO technicians also use self-priming trash pumps which readily remove residue-filled water or slurry. Our crews wear protective gear such as bodysuits, rubber boots, and heavy-duty gloves limiting exposure to contaminants. 

After removing standing water, it is essential to dry the basement to avoid secondary moisture damage such as mold, which thrives in wet, dark areas. If your basement is finished as a regular room, drying simply requires the placement of air movers and dehumidifiers. However, if it is unconditioned space, additional steps, including setting up a closed drying system, are necessary to help with moisture management.

SERVPRO of Patchogue helps manage any challenging situation after flood damage. Call us at (631) 924-1801. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Why Is Odor Control Crucial During Fire Damage Restoration at Patchogue Business Premises?

7/23/2021 (Permalink)

"Call us 24/7" Fire damage can be overwhelming for any property owner. SERVPRO is here to help. Just call (631) 924-1801.

SERVPRO Takes Care of All Issues Related To Fire and Smoke Damage Restoring Pre-loss Conditions

Whenever there is a fire within your Patchogue business premises, the resulting damages extend beyond the visible issues such as charred materials or sooty surfaces. For instance, smoke movements deposit residues all over the property, including in hidden areas such as air ducts.

While you may anticipate most of the processes fire damage restoration in your Patchogue property requires, including cleaning, teardown, and rebuilding of affected areas, you may overlook some finishing processes, yet they are crucial. For instance, failure to inspect and clean air ducts may leave a stubborn musky smell. SERVPRO helps clean ducts as part of a comprehensive deodorization process that eliminates all smells and restores the air quality. 

Deodorization is Necessary During:

  • Smoke remediation
  • Water & fire damage restorations
  • Fire restoration

The inner surfaces of air ducts collect various residues and debris like dust and pollen over time. The addition of smoke residues to the mix only worsens the situation and can result in long-term air quality issues as air passing through the ducts redistributes the residues all over the property. 

Various Evaluations Are Necessary Before Starting Duct Cleaning, Including:

  • Estimating the duration of the fire
  • Identifying the type and concentration of residues in the system
  • Checking for damaged components such as dampers and turning vanes

After evaluation, our SERVPRO technicians proceed with the cleaning using vacuum systems. In case odors persist after cleaning, we can seal them using an appropriate sealing agent. 

SERVPRO of Patchogue takes care of any challenging task during fire damage restoration, “Like it never even happened.” Call us at (631) 924-1801 for immediate assistance.

What Determines If Resources Are Sufficient For The Water Restoration At Your Coram House?

7/15/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Equipment SERVPRO's skilled technicians have the tools and experience take care of your homes water damage.

SERVPRO Makes Calculations and Other Evaluations before Starting Water Damage Repairs

When you think of the costs and inconveniences that water intrusion leads to, you may want to get the best solution possible. While hiring professionals in Coram is a promising way to get the results you want, you may want a distinct indicator of whether you have chosen the right provider.

Each intrusion is different, so the water restoration effort in Coram properties differs greatly.  Factors such as the size of the loss or the property and the duration of exposure play a significant role in determining the effort needed to fix the damages. Although SERVPRO has experienced crews, we never take any loss lightly since the actual loss may be worse than what is readily identifiable. 

Various Situations Call for Additional Evaluation, Including:

  • Burst pipes
  • Ceiling leaks
  • Leaking roof from storm
  • Water removal services

Our SERVPRO technicians carry out a structured evaluation to establish crucial information that can change the restoration outcome. One such evaluation is the level of wetness various materials have. We use devices such as moisture sensors and moisture meters to establish the moisture percentages in various materials. We compare the information obtained with the standard moisture levels in materials. For instance, dry wood has an 11 percent moisture content.

Evaluation is only useful if it is possible to amass restoration resources that match the conditions at the loss site. Our SERVPRO technicians make calculations to determine the number of air movers, water extractors, and dehumidifiers, among other equipment. 

Typical Points Factored in During the Calculation Include:

  • Total square feet of affected floor surfaces
  • Number of individual rooms affected
  • Total ceiling and wall areas above 2 feet

SERVPRO of Patchogue offers reliable water restoration services by relying on empirical figures. Call us at (631) 924-1801. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

How Professionals Dry Water from Hidden Wall Cavities in Patchogue

6/24/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO professionals removing water damaged hardwood floor SERVPRO knows how to locate and remove hidden moisture in every nook and cranny of your home.

Removing Water Damage from Wall Cavities in Patchogue Homes

Many homeowners do not realize how far-reaching water damage effects can be in their Patchogue residence until professional restoration specialists can show them. Unfortunately, many of these same homeowners mistakenly believe that their preliminary drying efforts have removed the threat, but this is not always the case. Water can spread into wall cavities, ceiling spaces, and beneath the flooring in many situations, where it is impossible to notice without sophisticated moisture detection tools.

Knowing how widespread these effects can be for water damage in your Patchogue home, our SERVPRO team can respond fast to these emergencies. Once we have identified the source of this damage, we can use these moisture reading tools to determine moisture pockets and dampness in the walls and areas where accessibility is an issue. Our mitigation solutions can address saturation and standing water from the time that our team arrives. Still, we must know where these secondary effects exist to direct our equipment to resolve these situations.

Equipment for Water Damage Restoration

Once moisture detection equipment has determined the location of these pockets of dampness and saturation in wall cavities and other challenging areas to reach, we get to work on reaching these effects. While air movers and dehumidifier units can address much of the water and moisture content within the affected areas of your property, we also have specialized machines designed to reach wall cavities and ceiling spaces, such as our Injecti-Dry system.

With a minimalistic approach, we can inject hoses into this space between drywall and wood framing to force heated air into this region of the house. By running the dehumidifiers through this process, the units can pick up on added vapor in the environment when the Injecti-Dry system evaporates moisture and dampness.

We understand that drying out this portion of your home is just a small piece of the equation to restore any property after a water damage incident fully, but addressing these concerns can help to prevent hazards like mold growth from occurring. Trust our SERVPRO of Patchogue professionals to make water damage effects “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call today at (631) 924-1801.

Contact The Experts at SERVPRO 24/7 If Your Patchogue Home Experiences Fire Damage

6/17/2021 (Permalink)

closeup of fireman holding fire hose, hose spewing water Water damage often results from fire extinguishment. SERVPRO performs complete fire damage restoration and makes it "Like it never even happened."

Controlled Demolition for Fire Damage in Patchogue Home

Our goal is always to assist homeowners in limiting fire damage by using our restoration methods. We undergo extensive training, and we keep up with the latest advancements for both equipment and techniques in the restorative sciences.

When our SERVPRO location answered a call to mitigate fire damage in a Patchogue home, we found a living room gutted by fire. Too many high-wattage appliances running simultaneously on a strip plug caused an ungrounded wall plug to overheat and sparked a blaze within the wall cavity.

Water & Fire Damage Restorations

When the homeowner contacted us and told us their home contained both smoke and water issues. We advised them to stay out of the damaged area of the house. On arrival, we contained the entryways to the living room with heavy plastic to halt the spread of soot.

Exposure to water causes damage and makes items heavy. SERVPRO technicians removed the items from the room that had no potential for restoration due to damage from the fire. We extracted water from the wet carpet and padding to lessen the weight and make it easier to remove.

Mitigation on the room included removing all the debris left behind, and then we cut away the charred sheetrock so the wall cavity could get adequate ventilation to dry. After water extraction, we used hand vacuums with HEPA filtration to pick up all the soot.

Equipment for Removing Smoke Damage

After drying the water-affected areas of the room, air scrubbers with HEPA filters were used to capture the remaining odor-causing soot particles in the space. Once we had cleaned and disinfected surfaces, we deployed a Hydroxyl generator to neutralize any residual smoke odors so the home could be repaired and rebuilt without trapped odors.

We offer rebuilding services, and once we completed mitigation on the living room area, our SERVPRO crew chief gave the homeowner and adjuster a detailed list of the remediation and the necessary repairs to bring the room back to its preloss condition.

SERVPRO of Patchogue can clean, restore, and rebuild your property affected by fire damage. We are available 24-hours at (631) 924-1801 no matter if the fire damage is large or small; We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

How Do Professional Mold Removal Companies Help Patchogue Offices?

6/10/2021 (Permalink)

Heavy mold on wall and ceiling of commercial building It doesn't take long for mold to grow and overtake your business. Call SERVPRO for swift remediation.

With How Quickly Mold Organisms Spread, SERVPRO Reaches Patchogue Businesses Fast

Your office space can be heavily damaged by the presence of mold and microbial colonies. Elements like the furniture or drywall are easy targets for aggressive mold organisms finding organic matter as a host for colonies. Our SERVPRO team can help with fast action in these situations.

Containment Strategies that Keep You Going

When your business is compromised by microbial growth, mold removal companies in Patchogue focus on preventing the further spread and severity of these conditions. The most efficient strategy for this process is to install thick poly-sheeting to control the movement of spores beyond the damage zone. Secondary measures, such as air scrubbers and negative pressure machines, can also help in this effort.

Non-Offensive and Invasive Mold Removal Tactics 

With office space being shared by so many employees simultaneously, aggressive cleaning and removal methods are not always the most ideal for mold remediation. When possible, our remediation professionals must choose surface treatment solutions that keep the business going while mold removal efforts continue. Antimicrobial cleaning products and surface sanding can help in this regard, and when these measures are ineffective, we can lean on more aggressive strategies such as:

  • Controlled demolition
  • Media blasting
  • Sponge pressure cleaning

With how rapidly mold damage incidents can get out of control, you need mold removal companies to arrive quickly to help. Our SERVPRO of Patchogue team is available 24/7 and ready to implement our proven remediation strategies. Call us today at (631) 924-1801.