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Can Wet Papers and Photos Be Dried Professionally in Selden?

2/23/2021 (Permalink)

servpro van SERVPRO makes house calls and in-warehouse water damage cleanup and restoration.

Why SERVPRO offers resources for specialty drying challenges

Plumbing leaks and appliance hose ruptures do not wait for you to shelve your books or file your papers safely above the waterline. Wet and damaged documents, photos, and other paper possessions are often an issue during a water damage scenario.

What Is the Key to Mitigating Damage to Water-Logged Documents?

Several different approaches can work for documents sustaining water damage in Selden home offices and photo albums. Preserving the information and images is possible, although complete restoration cannot be guaranteed. Packing out affected papers to a dry, secure location is essential. This is Why SERVPRO frequently moves them to our climate-controlled production facility. Interventions include:

  • Air-drying

Appropriate air circulation and temperatures allow accelerated evaporation.

  • Dehumidification

The use of special desiccant dehumidifiers within a small drying chamber improves outcomes.

  • Freezer drying

Freezers hold articles for freeze or thermal-drying.

  • Vacuum freeze-drying

Controlled heat applied cyclically concurrently under a vacuum, and below-freezing temperatures permit sublimation of frozen water to a vapor, skipping the liquid stage, avoiding ink feathering and bleeding. This process can be more expensive and time-consuming and is generally reserved for important documents and paper items.

  • Vacuum thermal-drying

Vacuum thermal drying is less expensive and successful than sublimation, but allows for documents’ information retrieval, despite permanent distortion. Frozen or wet pieces dry under pressure with air heated above freezing temperatures.

Implementation of research-based resources addressing many aspects of residential water damage is why SERVPRO of Patchogue delivers successful results. Call (631) 924-1801 for an evaluation and estimate.

Can Patchogue Businesses Develop Individualized Disaster Plans?

2/13/2021 (Permalink)

 ERP flyer with photo of tech SERVPRO says--Be prepared for unforeseen business interruptions to your Patchogue commercial site. Learn about the ERP Emergency READY Profile Plan.

Work with SERVPRO to Create an Emergency READY Profile (ERP)

Patchogue area business leaders are relieved to know that most fire, water, storm, and mold damage is responsive to mitigation, remediation, and restoration. This comfort is short-lived if the work needed requires your business to interrupt operations for more than a brief time. Without a disaster response plan, companies discover the harsh reality that about half of devastated businesses close their doors permanently.

How Can Long Island Business Owners Respond Proactively to Disasters?

The key to companies preparing for an unexpected disaster is partnering with the experts at SERVPRO to devise a personalized Emergency READY Profile and Plan (ERP) for Patchogue properties. Invite one of our seasoned project managers to visit your business. We need to understand how your company works, as well as gaining a clear, close-up, inside view of your commercial campus. Collaboration on detailed and comprehensive mitigation, remediation, and restoration agendas tailored for your physical layout and type of operations permits:

  • A clear designation of SERVPRO as your preferred disaster response team
  • Immediate mitigation as soon as practical
  • Streamlining of disaster response supported by in-depth knowledge of your location
  • Pictures
  • Detailed descriptions
  • Blueprint of all building areas
  • Clear demarcation of utility shutoff and equipment locations
  • Honoring your priorities and concerns for the business you know so well
  • A chance for our experienced professionals to make recommendations after our assessment that avert or minimize damage through reasonable adaptations

Can I Share Concerns and Information with SERVPRO in the ERP?

We cannot complete an ERP without your help. Use our conversations or our mobile app to inform us of details such as:

  • Your designated chain of command, listing trusted individuals who can act on your behalf
  • Names and contact information for the vendors and contractors who serve your building and designed your space and systems

What Is the Goal of an ERP?

Although we consider many aspects of your physical space and operations, SERVPRO focuses on distilling the information into a concise and practical digital document. Our vision is to support you through the disaster response of highly-trained crews of managers and technicians, accommodating your specialized needs.

SERVPRO of Patchogue is ready for your invitation. Call (631) 924-1801 to arrange an ERP assessment today.

Why Does Coram Residential Fire Damage Require Fast Action?

2/8/2021 (Permalink)

ultrasonic cleaning sign SERVPRO cleans and restores Coram properties and even china and crystals with ultrasonic bath emersions

Delayed smoke and soot remediation risks lasting, costly damage  

Look at a map, and at the very center of Long Island, you find the hamlet of Coram, nestled in central Brookhaven Town. Considered the oldest settlement in Brookhaven's overarching community, it is about 65 miles east of New York City and roughly the same mileage west of Montauk Point, right in the middle of the island. Long Island Sound and Great South Bay are each about 8 miles to the north and south of Coram, respectively, supporting the notion of Coram's centering of Long Island. Although the sandy soil was not well-suited to agricultural pursuits, the area was attractive enough in other ways to attract colonists in the late 1600s.

What is the Origin of the Name Coram?

A few stories exist to account for the name, but the most likely is derived from the word "Wincoram," loosely translated from local indigenous dialects as "a passage between hills" or valley. The topography of Coram is relatively flat with a distinct ridge, in accord with this theory. Other derivation tales include:

  • The name Widecoram belonged to an indigenous individual living in the region, sometimes said to be a leader of his people or "Chief.".
  • The town carries the name of a sea captain and Londoner Thomas Coram, whose 18th-century engraving does hang in the old town meeting house located in the hamlet.
  • The name Coram is a Latin term that means "before" or "in the presence of," connected to Coram's location in the center of the region where meetings occurred.

What Was the First Business Run by a European Colonist in Coram?

In 1667, William Satterly, a resident of Setauket from Devon, England, asked for and received a land grant to open a tavern in what is now Coram, but called Wincoram at the date of the grant. His business choice made sense because the location of Wincoram was on a well-traveled route between communities on Long Island. Colonists began settling in the area in the years following. The first non-Indigenous baby born in Coram was Elizabeth Barnes on April 6, 1685. It took over 80 years from Satterly's land grant for the land surrounding his tavern to be designated a "village of the town" of Brookhaven. Only in 1749 was the population large enough to achieve village recognition.

What Are Best Fire Damage Recovery Industry Practices in Coram?

When fire damages your Coram home, SERVPRO offers the services and support needed. Expect us to:

  • Inspect and control for safety hazards
  • Remove, contain, and lawfully dispose of firefighting water
  • Consider a pack-out of contents to secure space for assessment and restoration
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning for soot removal of fine pieces and knickknacks
  • Plan and implement structural drying
  • Evaluate residues to match proprietary cleaning products, tools, and methods for optimum results
  • Perform the planned cleaning
  • Assess need for advanced deodorization techniques and equipment

Call (631) 924-1801 24/7 to arrange a prompt assessment of the fire damage suffered by your dwelling. The professionals at SERVPRO of Patchogue can design and implement a plan specific to your scenario.

Everyone in Patchogue is Invited to The Rinx at Harborfront Park

1/26/2021 (Permalink)

green van and worker with equipment in hand Don't slip and fall at the Patchogue Rinx when mold damage attacks your home--Call SERVPRO!

Travel from Patchogue to Port Jefferson and Enjoy Ice Skating in a Unique Setting

Not far from Patchogue, you can ice skate right on the harbor through mid-March 2021. As we adjust to a new sense of normalcy, everyone is invited to enroll and spend a delightful time ice-skating with friends and family in a safe setting. Located in Harborfront Park, The Rinx is the perfect outdoor venue this winter. Please remember the following as you plan your visit-

  • Registration and payment must be made online before arrival as spaces are limited
  • Face coverings are required at all times
  • Skating rentals and lessons are available with prior reservations
  • Parties can’t be booked at this time

Infusing our lives with some normalcy following such a unique 2020 is good for all. As you resume some long-forgotten tasks, don’t forget to have a professional company like SERVPRO perform a mold inspection in your home. Only diligent upkeep can help protect your home and family from the harmful consequences of mold growth.

SERVPRO of Patchogue is at your service and focused on your safety. Call us at (631) 924-1801 whenever you detect an issue and rest assured that we won’t leave your home until the problem feels “Like it never even happened.”

Continue the Education of Coram Children Virtually or in Person

1/19/2021 (Permalink)

servpro green van parked in front of home Coram house flooded? Call SERVPRO

Families in Coram can Count on the Long Island Explorium for Virtual and In-Person Learning Events.

Despite the current health crisis, Coram residents can look to the Long Island Explorium as a resource to engage our younger learners in STEM workshops and exhibits. The organization’s goal of sparking curiosity through evidence and innovation is just as alive via zoom as it is in person. Parents and caregivers need only look into their website to explore current programming and updated access information.

  • Field trips are now virtual, and young scientists from pre-k through 6th grade are encouraged to join
  • Private in-person tours can be booked via the website for your group
  • Advanced booking is required, along with face coverings for all visitors to the Explorium

The Explorium has responded to the current needs of our community by pivoting its services. At SERVPRO, we are just as nimble when flood damage occurs in our area. Our expert team rapidly arrives at your home as soon as possible after your call, and we jump into action by assessing the damage and focusing on safety and protection. 

With our team in your home, you can be assured that your water restoration needs will be taken care of efficiently.

SERVPRO of Patchogue is your ally when you need us most. Call us at (631) 924-1801 and let us leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”

A Revitalized Downtown Area Makes Patchogue an Ideal Place to Live

1/11/2021 (Permalink)

servpro vans at job site Call SERVPRO. Hang up the phone, and bam!--Water damage mitigation for your Patchogue home is underway with our Green Fleet

Patchogue Offers Arts, Food and a Strong Sense of Community

In Suffolk County, New York, you will find the Incorporated Village of Patchogue. Part of Brookhaven and adjacent to Great South Bay, it is about 60 miles east of Manhattan. Incorporated in 1893, it is central to East Patchogue, Canaan Lake, Fire Island, and North Patchogue. It also collaborates with nearby Medford to run a well-known school system and library system. In 2019, the American Planning Association recognized it as one of the “Great Neighborhoods” in America, recognizing communities planned to bring its residents together.

To reach Patchogue, you may take the Long Island Railroad to Montauk or take one of many buses that come through the town. The Montauk Highway, County Route 19, and County Route 83 all make their way through the area. Just off its shore, you can find Fire Island National Seashore, which houses Davis Park, a private community on the easternmost end of Fire Island. It is often referred to as Davis Park, Leja Beach, or Ocean Ridge interchangeably since the sense of community makes the three areas interdependent and their boundaries virtually transparent.

It is commonly accepted that Patchogue saw its first factory in 1798 when Jonas Wicks built a paper mill producing wrapping paper. It later succumbed to a fire in 1850, but it became one of several operation mills in the area. A lace mill, another paper mill, and wool mills are all part of the area’s history. Similarly, shipbuilding became a catalyst for industry, and the lumber industry employed many of its men. It wasn’t until 1868 that the railroad finally reached Patchogue, which became the terminal station for a little over a decade until Eastport opened its station.

Tourism followed the railroad's arrival, and New Yorkers visited Patchogue for leisure, making it a popular tourist destination. Family-owned inns and hotels were plentiful, and tourism became the engine behind the growth of small businesses and services. As time passed and societal tastes shifted, Patchogue lost some of its popularity, and eventually, it became obsolete. Small shops lost to bigger shopping malls, and far-away destinations became more attractive to New Yorkers. Luckily, the town’s leadership has proven to be nimble in its strategy and now appeals to those looking for a rich artistic community and one-of-a-kind goods.

Notable Patchogue Residents

The history of Patchogue may not be well-known to most, but many exciting characters live in the area’s local history. Some worth mentioning are included below-

  • Captain Gil Moger- Born in 1833, he lived 93 years in Patchogue. When he wasn’t in town, he was out at sea. Although his longevity is notable, his story is more interesting because he went blind in his 40s and continued his seafaring career despite his lack of eyesight. He lived the last part of his life in his boat, The Black Swan, and didn’t abandon it until it burned about a year before Captain Moger’s passing. Stories tell about the support he got from his friends and the love he felt for the water.
  • Captain John Baker- The Baker family was held in high esteem in the Patchogue society. What makes John Baker’s story peculiar is his alliance with the British during the American Revolution and his subsequent return to the area. History implies he proclaimed himself a patriot while aiding the Tories, which eventually caused his arrest. Upon being released from a short stay in prison, he reclaimed his place in society, and his treason became a non-issue. Some questions remain as to why he was allowed to return to a place he had clearly betrayed.
  • Jeffrey R. MacDonald- Born in 1943, this former U.S. Army officer was convicted of murdering his two daughters and pregnant wife in 1970. Despite his affirmation of innocence, he was sent to the Federal Correctional Institution in Maryland. His case is one of the most litigated to date, with conflicting evidence and numerous court appearances. It is also highlighted in several tv shows and publications.

Patchogue is a town full of history and beauty. Whether you explore its theaters, the Fire Island National Seashore, or one of its many restaurants, you are sure to have a good time. Its superior school district and suburban lifestyle make it ideal for those looking for a calm place close to New York City. The downtown revival and the town’s commitment to affordability and job creation have created additional opportunities for residents and set it up for economic prosperity.

Preservation of Patchogue Homes

Newer construction and a commitment from city officials and developers to offer Patchogue residents options are at the center of its renewed strength. However, structures of all ages require close attention to keep them in top shape. At SERVPRO, we pride ourselves on being the best in the water restoration business and a resource to all customers who call our 24/7 hotline. When time is of the essence, we are ready to jump into action as soon as you need us.

SERVPRO staff members work diligently with industry experts to learn about the best practices and latest equipment available to our industry. In turn, this knowledgebase travels with our team into homes suffering from the aftermath of a minor leak or a full-blown flooding incident. Along with our expertise, we access the most effective equipment for water extraction and drying. Many team members are accredited by the (IICRC) the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification ensuring best practices are followed. As a follow-up, we can apply antifungal and disinfecting solutions to finish the job. Regardless of the situation, our professional crew is up to the challenge.

SERVPRO of Patchogue is your best resource when your home is in question. Relying on do-it-yourself solutions or inaction can only set the stage for future complications. Call us at (631) 924-1801 whenever the situation occurs and let our team take over. With our help, we will have your home in top shape and looking “Like it never even happened.”

Patchogue Residents – It’s Time to Get Crafty this Christmas

12/21/2020 (Permalink)

Two Green SERVPRO trucks in front of a house. Floods can cause extreme damage to property and a person's pocket. Call SERVPRO for the help to take a lot of pressure off your hands.

Don’t Miss Virtual Paint Nite by Yaymaker from the Comfort of Your Patchogue Home.

It is nice to be able to take part in various events from the comfort of your home. During this time and we need safe social distancing, you can still participate in virtual events like painting with other people near and far. This Christmas, you can take part in Virtual Paint Nite by Yaymaker to create a one of a kind work of art. These painting classes will be taking place all month long, but why not celebrate this memorable holiday? Designs available for painting include Radiant Winter Dawn, Holiday Barn, and Holly Jolly Snowman. 

  • Date: Friday, December 25th, 2020
  • Time: Time slot depends on the design selected
  • Cost: $15 per person, ages six and up
  • Where: Virtual lessons through Yaymaker, advance registration required

Creating a beautiful work of art is something that SERVPRO of Patchogue can always get behind. When a storm hits, you need technicians to take care of the flood damage so that you are not left with immense cost and the potential for harmful mold growth. We arrive fast so that you have the prompt extraction and drying that your interior needs. If you need assistance, call us 24/7 for emergency service at (631) 924-1801.

Celebrate in Patchogue with Holiday Party Time at Off Key Tiki

12/14/2020 (Permalink)

Green SERVPRO vehicle outside a residence. Don'y let water damage put a damper on your holiday cheer. Call SERVPRO for fast water mitigation services so you may be happy year round.

Patchogue Residents – Holiday Party Time is Happening this December at Off Key Tiki

The South Beach Bistro and Off Key Tiki would like to bring the party to the masses this holiday season. Taking place every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday throughout December, it is your time to cozy up and party. This event only allows a maximum of 50 people per evening, so be sure to book in advance. There is also a special where you can receive $100 off your party of 25 or more people, including an open bar package. 

  • Date: Friday, December 18th, 2020 (and recurring on specific nights in December)
  • Time: 6 pm to Midnight
  • Location: Off Key Tiki at South Beach Bistro – 31 Baker Place, Patchogue, NY
  • Cost: $17.95 per person - plus tax and gratuity, special 25+ person package discount of $100

The time is here to spread lots of holiday cheer! Our team here at SERVPRO of Patchogue is happy to support all local businesses and residents. Should you have any water damage in your home, we are available for prompt, reliable restoration services. Call us at (631) 924-1801, and we can send out our Green Fleet as soon as possible to begin the cleanup process.

Fire is Devastating to Any Selden Home, Regardless of the Extent.

12/9/2020 (Permalink)

ceiling covered in soot damage SERVPRO is the way to go when dealing with fire damage. Our technicians are IICRC certified and experienced in handling these types of damages.

SERVPRO Utilizes Proven Fire Damage Restoration Methods to Bring Each Impacted Area of Your Selden Property Back to Normal Once Again

Both a census-designated place and hamlet, Selden is nestled within the town of Brookhaven in the Suffolk County region of New York state. As of the time that the 2010 U.S. Census was conducted, Selden, NY, had a population of 19,851 people. Known as a suburb of New York City, this region is excellent for families, diversity, and public schools. You will also find impeccable housing and great places for dining and entertainment within a short distance.

Diving into the History of Selden, New York

In the middle of the 18th Century, farmers referred to this region as Westfield(s). Captain Daniel Roe is one of the earliest better-known residents. He fought during the French and Indian War, serving as a captain during the Revolutionary War. Because of his sacrifices, Captain Daniel Roe Highway was named after him. He had settled in Selden before the Revolutionary War in a home on Middle Country Road. The Captain was laid to rest within a small family cemetery located behind the shopping center in Old Westfield just south of his house.

Leading up to the Revolutionary War, Captain Roe sided with the Patriots. In autumn of 1776, he was assigned to head up a raid against the Hessian and Tory that was led by his cousin named Richard Miller, who also happened to be a wanted man. Once Miller came by Roe's house in uniform, he was then confronted by the Patriots, who ordered him to dismount. Rather than comply, he fired his pistol and tried to flee. The militiamen shot him, and he was brought into Roe's house, where he succumbed to his injuries.

Building Community in Selden, NY, Throughout the 19th Century

In 1815, the first school district was drafted in the Westfield area, and it was made up of Coram and New Village, which was later called Centereach. This district was initially called District 25, only to later be renumbered in 1842 as District 12. It remained so until the Middle Country Central School District was formed in 1957.

The post office was opened in 1852 in Westfield. Later, an attorney by the name of Henry Selden requested the community be named after him. By 1885, Selden had 88 residents as well as a Presbyterian church. It was also known for the production of early garden vegetables and melons town-wide in their farms. A cross-island bike path was constructed in 1897 that went through Selden. One of the most popular stops along the trail was Wheelmen's Rest, run by a man named Albert Norton.

There Is Plenty to See and Do in Selden, New York

Due to Selden's location within New York state, you have many beautiful options for everything from dining and nightlife to family attractions. Situated on the southeastern corner of the state right at the mouth of the Hudson River, some of the best historical sites and attractions include:

Brenner's Farm – Whether you want a fun place to take the kids or simply want to enjoy the rustic atmosphere and animals, this is a must-stop in the area. Here at the farm, you will find animals to feed and pet, along with a yearly Strawberry Festival that brings people from all around the Suffolk County region.

Avalon Park & Preserve – This is not only a destination for kids, but you will also find a bike path and a unique labyrinth to experience. You can visit for a nice place to walk around or even bring your dog for some socializing with other dogs. There is plenty of nearby parking and lots of spaces where you can relax and enjoy the natural scenery.

West Meadow Beach – This beach and nature preserve offers some incredible views and just the right spot for relaxing and taking in the fresh ocean air. You will find parking in the private lot, so bring the kids or your bike so that you can take in the sights and sounds along the sandy shores.

In addition to the attractions listed above, you also have great restaurants to choose from, such as:

Caffe Amici – This place is fantastic if you are looking for authentic Italian sandwiches as well as mouth-watering pizza. Notable favorites on the menu include the crispy calamari and hand-cut onion rings.

Crazy Crepe Café – If you are looking for a wonderful breakfast or brunch spot, nothing beats the menu at this cozy little restaurant. The lunch crepes are extremely popular, and there are always unique options on the menu to tempt the palette.

Blue Tortilla Fresh Mexican Grille – Whether you want tacos, a chimichanga, or another authentic Mexican dish, there is plenty to fall in love with on this menu. The atmosphere inside is fun and friendly, but you can also take your food to go. 

Fire Damage is Something Selden Residents Never Want to Think About Dealing With, Yet an Emergency Can Arise at Any Moment – SERVPRO is Here to Assist with All Cleanup and Restoration

Faulty wiring, a careless accident – these are things that can lead to fire within your Selden home. Once the flames have been extinguished and the first responders on the scene say it is safe to enter your home, you must have IICRC-certified technicians to handle the cleanup. SERVPRO has the skills and equipment to ensure your interior is left "Like it never even happened." This includes our experience with debris removal, drying, controlled demolition, and deodorization.

When you have fire damage in Selden, you want pros on your side rather than taking the DIY route. Several things that we consider when assessing your property after a fire include:

  • The level of damage sustained
  • The condition of your contents
  • Whether or not the structural stability of your home is jeopardized
  • The potential for hidden moisture pockets from the chemicals or water used to address the fire

We utilize powerful equipment and only the best cleaning agents registered by the EPA when handling your home's restoration. We ensure no foul odors from stubborn soot or smoke residue get left behind that would otherwise be a constant reminder of the fire incident.

Call us at SERVPRO of Patchogue when you need assistance with fire damage. We have crews on standby 24 hours a day, and we can dispatch them at a moment's notice once you call us at (631) 924-1801.

The Small Businesses in Any Town Are the Backbone of Its Economy, and Patchogue Is No Exception

11/15/2020 (Permalink)

two SERVPRO trucks at job site Go shop for the Holidays--Leave your flood-damaged basement in Coram to us--SERVPRO!

Looking for Fabulous Food and Wondrous Gift Ideas?

The Patchogue Chamber of Commerce Reminds Everyone in the Community -- Patchogue Is Open and Ready to Wow

During the holiday season and beyond the end of the year, Patchogue's retail, service, and dining establishments will rely on the community to bolster their bottom lines. Holiday sales are a boon to the local economy, and after the challenges of the last months, are essential to our shops, professional services, and restaurants' vitality.

The Patchogue Chamber of Commerce invites all to visit its website and virtual Visitor's Center for current updates on operations and hours relating to

  • Retail Shops
  • Dining
  • Professional Services
  • Marketing
  • Arts and Entertainment

Sign up for the Chamber newsletter, and check the event calendar highlighting the events occurring around the robust and always resilient town of Patchogue. Spend your money where you live and love, so all in our community will prosper.

SERVPRO of Patchogue wades in with the right training, equipment, and experience when community members find themselves adrift and in need of basement stormwater removal. Call day or night for rapid and professional assistance at (631) 924-1801.