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Water and Mold Damage – Middle Island Home

Water and mold damage at this Middle Island, NY home’s basement developed when a water heater burst while the homeowners were on vacation. They returned h... READ MORE

Water Damage In Middle Island

Our experts were contacted by a customer in Middle Island regarding a water damage incident. The water heater burst while the customer was on vacation. When the... READ MORE

Water and Mold Restoration in Sound Beach

This vacation home in Sound Beach, being unoccupied for a some time, did not fare well when the washing machine leaked. The water wicked into the walls and trim... READ MORE

Storm Damage - Patchogue Home

Storm Damage struck this Patchogue home when a severe thunderstorm carrying high winds blew a tree onto the roof of the house. The roof of the house was penetra... READ MORE

Biohazardous Materials, Cleanup, and Disinfecting in Patchogue

The results of a blockage in a cesspool are never pleasant and can also cause potential health risks to the occupants of this Patchogue home. Our SERVPRO of Pat... READ MORE

Attic Mold Damage, Long Island NY

This mold cover attic in Patchogue, NY was the result of a roof leak that had gone unnoticed for an extended period of time. When a water leak is not fixed, it ... READ MORE

Fire Damage Progress Picture

This fire damaged bedroom in Patchogue, NY was the result of a kitchen fire. The fire had resulted from our customers cooking on the stove, and the flames had ... READ MORE

Wind Storm in Patchogue, NY

This broken canopy in Patchogue, New York was the result of a passing wind storm. Our customer called us and asked if we would be able to remove a broken canopy... READ MORE

Cesspool Overflow in Patchogue, NY

This flooded basement in Patchogue, New York was the result of a storm that caused our customers cesspool to overflow into the basement. This is the second tim... READ MORE

Deck Fire in Patchogue, NY

This burned deck in Patchogue, New York was the result of a fire that had started from a fire pit. Our customers were having a party and lit the fire pit too c... READ MORE